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    Planned hunt with new baby coming

    I assure you, I’m not part of the innocent party here. If I’m gonna call someone a bad father for hunting with a newborn at home, I can go look in the mirror. I had a Kodiak trip planned to start the day I kissed my healthy baby goodbye for the last time. I have a unique experience and I don’t...
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    Planned hunt with new baby coming

    Give your wife and newborn every minute possible for at least the first 3-4 months. Leaving your exhausted wife with a 2 year old and a newborn just puts everyone at risk. For what? A damn elk?!?! If someone’s wife is “kicking them out” because they’ll drive her crazy, that’s on the man. Grow...
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    bird dog caught in snare

    As others have covered, carry a side cutter and be vigilant. I don't know a damn thing about dogs, but I'm sure training it not to fight the pressure isn't too tough. If you've ever set a snare and seen what a coyote does to that thing before it dies, you realize pretty quickly that it's not a...
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    Little Pet Peeves

    People who don't think cigarette butts aren't litter. Especially when they throw them out the window without any regard to it hitting someone else's car. Or when I'm ice fishing and come across a pile of butts laying on the ice. I especially expect more from the hunting and fishing crowd...
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    Who’s reached a half a mill?

    I had a 1992 Dodge Dakota w/ the 5.2 V8 in high school. That thing had 600K miles on in. Not sure what the farmer before me did with that thing to have that many miles in 10 years. We gave it away somewhere around 2010 with 750K. The engine was original but I think it was on it's 3rd tranny...
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    Guide for Pelt Care

    If you have the facebook, Dahlberg's Taxidermy (Jesse Dahlberg) put together some pretty good videos a few years ago walking through skinning out a bear hide. He goes over it all from a full bear to removing the paws and turning ears/lips. I typically break em off at the wrist and bring em out...
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    ADF&G has scheduled a virtual sheep presentation in January. The presentation will be “zoomed”

    My common sense agrees with you and always has. But I still think sound data needs to give us a concrete answer if our thinking is correct before we can write it off. After last night's presentation, for the first time ever I had a bit of doubt in that line of thinking and I think maybe we do...
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    ADF&G has scheduled a virtual sheep presentation in January. The presentation will be “zoomed”

    I thought the presentation was well done. Thanks @wantj43 and please pass along my gratitude to all other presenters. The mortality data across ranges is certainly valuable information as these discussions around sheep management in Alaska move forward. It almost feels like there is little we...
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    Meat! brand Grinder

    Thanks for the review. I've been watching this brand closely. We typically rent a Thunderbird 400 for a long weekend each fall to knock out a full moose plus whatever else we took that fall. It usually comes out to 400+ lbs of burger to double grind, sausage, brats, and summer. It has always...
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    Social Media Guidelines for Hunters

    These are both big ones with me! Especially in Alaska with people riding dead moose and caribou. For me personally it just looks stupid; to the average person scrolling along, I feel like it puts out the "conquerer" vibe and makes for a tough argument about respecting the animal. Never forget...
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    Saban Retirement Rumors Take Tragic Turn

    Brand new user dropping a link on the first post. Nice try Al-Qaeda, but not this time!
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    Is this Kryptek Sheep hunt film satire?

    Don't forget that not all governor tags go to huge orgs like WSF. I buy numerous raffle tags every year that support local archery, veteran, and educational orgs (among others). Those profits are cost shared between F&G and the org and the money the org keeps needs to be spent in "a way that...
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    2022 Caribou hunt booked! Will moose be around too??

    If caribou is your #1 bucket list hunt and it's a caribou first trip, I wouldn't mess with the moose. Especially given the timing of the hunt and the number of people. Outfitters love rebooking clients they don't have to worry about. It makes their life easier. Establish yourself as a...
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    Chiropractor treatment

    I'm saying light regular exercise in most cases is plenty "maintenance" for most. But we have created a culture where everyone sits on their ass for 30 days at a time and then goes and pays someone to crack their back and neck and everyone acts like they're healed and that's all they need to...
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    Hello from Eastern ND

    Welcome to the party. I was in Fargo for a handful of years. Finally got sick of the cold and moved to Alaska! I still argue ND is one of the best places to live for hunting and fishing.