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    Should I just buy a chrono?

    I have a magnetospeed, Labradar, and ProChrony. They all work but magnetospeed and labradar give you more reliable and consistent results. I have only used the LabRadar the past nearly two years. ProChrony is a pain to set up in line with your target, especially at a public range. Magnetospeed...
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    Non SmartPhone backcountry ballistic solver options

    For me the clunky part about a kestrel is having to record wind, enter range, direction of fire, and angle of fire. I tend to not do it very efficiently when under pressure of a moving animal! It’s nice for intermediate shots to just range and have dope immediately.
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    Non SmartPhone backcountry ballistic solver options

    I typically am hunting pretty thick stuff and trying to range and get dope from a kestrel has costed me shot opportunities. I leave full value 5 mph wind in the kilo abs and use that for minor wind corrections. If it’s really gusty or switchy I just haven’t shot. I typically hunt solo but could...
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    Non SmartPhone backcountry ballistic solver options

    For hunting situations it’s a rangefinder with a ballistic computer or dope cards.
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    best long range BONDED bullet

    At win mag velocities the 178 is too fast and will drift more and come apart faster than the heavier options. I'd set your sites on 212 ELD's and 215 bergers if you truly want a "Long Range" bullet that will work up close too.
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    Real world fuel mileage

    Wonder if just the 20's are heavier than the 18's I have on my '16 and '18 XLT Crew cab, long box 3.5 ecoboosts. Plenty of other things that impact it like rear differential gear ratio. Assuming that since you have 20's you likely have other options that make the truck heavier (leather, full...
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    Real world fuel mileage

    2016 F150 XLT Crew Cab 3.5 Ecoboost (6 speed) - 10 Ply BFG A/Ts : 17-18 MPG (mostly hwy) 2018 F150 XLT Crew Cab 3.5 Ecoboost (10 speed) - factory delicate Goodyear wrangler tires: 20-21 MPG ( mostly hwy) Pretty wild what lighter tires and a different transmission do for fuel economy.
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    Who has had to use their "backup" pistol?

    Ran a black bear off my elk carcass last year during bow season. He circled around and required a warning shot from my pistol to keep away.
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    APA "The Answer" Muzzle Brake

    Looks very interesting!
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    Student debt "Crisis"

    Interesting stats. I'd be interested to see what schools account for a lot of those costs. I assume a lot of it is private schools and out of state tuition? I didn't think in state schools were too bad.. I graduated in 2010 (North Dakota State) and now tuition is about $1k more annually than it...
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    "Conservation" = "More ungulates"?

    No secret that most hunter's primary efforts in conservation are towards their target species. That said, my understanding is that the DNR, Fish & Game, parks & wildlife, etc of each state is responsible for managing all flora/fauna of the state and these departments are largely funded by...
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    Best lightweight camera/video for backpack hunting

    Thanks Joel, what benefits would I (schmuck referenced above) get from the iv over the iii?
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    Just received the Garmin 66i (new inreach)

    Has anyone killed one of the more recent smartphones that have IP67 ratings without a pretty serious submergence? I ask because I'm pretty lackadaisical with mine in the rain and wet conditions these days and haven't had any issues.
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    Texas billionaire brothers block another Idaho road, prompting criticism over public access

    Many of you are probably familiar with MT Crazy mountains issue. This thread and links within paint a picture of how good ol boy club can allow these things to happen and how out of state politicians can impact the local forest service's ability to enforce these easements...
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    Nightforce shv f1 4-14x50 mil-r

    Seem like a nice scope, mil-r is a sufficient reticle. In this space I chose the LRHS for lower weight, lower price, larger eye relief, higher magnification, and the G2H reticle. Obviously not apples to apples because they discontinued the LRHS and I’m not sure the LRTS is available at similar...