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    Mld duomid anyone running one

    Ultamid 2 seem like a nice shelter. Definitely a step up from duomid if someone thinks they’ll ever use it with 2 people because of the extra space and door orientation. Compared to a duomid they are a couple ounces heavier, at least a couple hundred $ more expensive, and the inner nets are...
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    Canadian Dall Outfitters

    Yes. My point was that $20k in AK and 30k in Canada seems low.
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    Quilt for late season sheep hunts?

    You'll find a bunch of people who swear by quilts and some who just swear about quilts in cooler temps. Only way to know for yourself is to try. I'd start with a cooler temp rating than you expect to use it in and go with a wide size based on what people who swear by quilts say..
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    Mld duomid anyone running one

    Seems I have a very similar gear setup to B_Reynolds. Duomid has been a good shelter for me thus far. The Hapi or Khufu are lighter options. Only real drawbacks are that the specs indicate they’d have a little less head/foot space and you get a beefier #7 zipper on new duomids vs #3 on locus...
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    Ultralight solo tent - Durston X-Mid new drop on Massdrop

    Thanks for straightening me out Dan, good info. I assumed incorrectly that the 3k HH silynylon was more expensive than the fabric in the xmid. After reading more, it seems there are a lot of variables at play there as you pointed out.
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    Aftermarket Tikka Magazine PRC, SAUM, WSM platforms

    My current mag isn’t too sticky in MT bottom metal so I’m fine with it, no aversion to tumbler though.
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    long range 300win round

    ^ this. Should be the first option tried for factory win mag ammo.
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    Bullet picky are you?

    In hindsight, I believe your reading comprehension is the winner on this. Edit: probably .003 - .00425 😁
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    non legal rams Alaska

    Are you saying understanding the different legal definitions of full curl makes one more likely to make excuses for sublegal rams?
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    Bullet picky are you?

    LOL. I might have been optimistic on this one being answered. If it is 0.00025", the OP is saying he is seeing 0.00075" - 0.001" of runout but knows it can be way better. I'm not sure it can be way better if you're keeping runout to a maximum of 0.001". Honest input to the OP that is worth...
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    Bullet picky are you?

    I'm 1/10 of 999% certain his question is answered.
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    Temps and weather (and sleeping bag recommendation) for SW Montana Archery Elk

    I would do the same or spend more for a DCF tarp from zpacks, MLD, or HMG with additional side panel guy outs. I have floorless pyramids and a tarptent I prefer as a shelter to tarps so I don't use them as a sleep shelter. To me a tarp should provide weight advantages if used as a shelter and a...
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    Let's See Your Semi-Custom Tikka Builds

    There is a lot of info out there about gunsmiths and aftermarket muzzle device makers who require more meat on their barrels than what people in common practice actually use. For example, thunderbeast says minimum of 9/16" on 6.5's and up.
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    Temps and weather (and sleeping bag recommendation) for SW Montana Archery Elk

    Lite outdoors is the one I have. Seek outside DST is a bit heavier but burlier and more versatile
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    non legal rams Alaska

    .. Or not a full circle and passes the stick test. Or not a full circle but curls 360 degrees.