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    Just Announced - Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 & 10x32

    Lithium batteries perform much better than alkaline in the cold. They aren't impacted nearly as much. With brand new lithium batteries my Geovid HD-B 2000 and the HD-B 2200 they replaced them with both shit the bed before temps reached freezing, when brand new. Spend the better part of a year...
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    Just Announced - Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 & 10x32

    OutdoorAg and Trial probably have more experience than I with the alpha 32s so take my input with a grain of salt. The 32s i've messed with were just less forgiving of eye placement. I'm always choosing between taking my 10x42 monarch HG or 12x50 EL. If my intention is to primarily find game...
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    Thoughts on this chamber (borescope)

    That chamber is pretty gross. Seems like pretty good clearance virgin brass to chamber dimensions. Maybe enough that a tighter based die would get it done but those chamber rings can’t be helping. I’ll have to measure some 2 or 3x fired ADG when I get home.
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    Just Announced - Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 & 10x32

    About damn time with the applied ballistics update. Tempting to give geovids a 3rd try and hope they aren't turds in cool (not even cold) weather like the previous 2 tries were. Not interested in a 32mm bino for general western hunting though so it'd have to be the 3200 with AB upgrade or wait...
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    6.5-284 Hunting Rifle

    For your application I'd look at ordering 130 JLKs. They will be flatter than the common 140s for your point and shoot application and give up next to nothing to berger 140s in BC. They have a very short bearing surface so if you build with a lot of freebore they would be jumping a fair ways or...
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    What's happening here? (hard bolt lift)

    Agreed. In this case i think it's a combination of chamber clearance AND how resistant a case is to expansion around 0.200" up from the case head. Hardness could be a factor but I think that's just one piece of the puzzle. If a case was even more prone to expansion at the web, more clearance in...
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    What's happening here? (hard bolt lift)

    Here's a long thread about clickers, primarily as it relates to the PRC chamberings. The other solution besides dies is making a little more room in your chamber which they discuss in the linked thread. Edit to add, I've...
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    Cost of Leases forcing people out west?

    The #'s in your example look good, are they real though? Who's the guy with a property worth $1.2 million leasing hunting rights for $5k a year? If a guy has to finance most of it I'd agree that you could easily find a scenario where the annual interest/property tax costs, even when tax...
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    .223 for bear, deer, elk and moose.

    H4895 is a great powder option.
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    Cost of Leases forcing people out west?

    I always thought it was outrageous what people pay for a whitetail lease to go sit on the same tired ass ground. Boring. Compared to what that $ can do in a western hunt the enjoyment is not in the same universe to me. Then I got married and had a kid last year and now can relate to folks who...
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    Too much money to argue

    Preposterous statement.
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    What's happening here? (hard bolt lift)

    I'm not sold on smaller based dies being a dependable solution for clicker issues. In my limited experience I could measure a die resizing the web down a couple thousandths but it seems like once the web has expanded enough to cause a clicker, it is likely to expand too much again upon firing...
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    Jocko Wilink releasing 100% US Clothing line.

    Heard it through the grapevine they liked how Cam looks in an old pair of zubaz and that was the inspiration for the Origin camo pattern. Gonna hammer so hard in this stuff.
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    some Dall outfitters are already out to 2026 season bookings

    Wonder if he told his clients the FWP is bound and determined to kill off all the excess elk in MT.
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    Tikka 2022

    Gotta figure they would make a better margin on that too.