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    Sold Stone Glacier Helio hoody - large

    Ill take it deal fall through!
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    WTS TC Pro Hunter

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    WTS TC Pro Hunter

    I will ship. I will break it down into a smaller box for easier/cheaper shipping. No FFL needed since its a ML. I will include the sight. But I have no scope rings. SOLD PENDING FUNDS. SCOPE IS FOR SALE> $175.00 no rings
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    WTS Kifaru 22 mag and frame

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    WTS Kifaru 22 mag and frame

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    WTS Kifaru 22 mag and frame

    Selling my first gen 22 mag in ranger green. With Kifaru small pouch. Excellent condition. $210.00 Duplex frame In ranger green. With Kifaru bottle holder. Medium belt Excellent condition. Hauled meat once. No stains. $235.00 Will sell together for $400.00 All prices are plus shipping
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    WTB Kifaru 22 Mag Gen1 (1000d)

    I have a ranger green one I just listed
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    WTS TC Pro Hunter

    FYI scope not included but can be added into the deal. Includes Some different sites, o rings for the breach plug, extra breach plug, and I’m sure a few others I have many different bullets for it as well If interested.
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    WTS TC Pro Hunter

    Selling my TC pro Hunter 50 cal muzzleloader. Great condition. Some Extras. Sights, extra breach plug and o rings, extra ram rod… SS with black stock and Scope included. But not mounted. You will need rings. $675 paypal
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    You still have the rifle? CA 30 nosler? What kind of deal on the rifle and the brass and dies?

    You still have the rifle? CA 30 nosler? What kind of deal on the rifle and the brass and dies?
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    WTS Prime Nexus 2

    New. Maybe 50 shots trough it. Nexus 2 63.5 pounds maxed out. Right handed. Barebow $900 (retails $999) Loaded with choice of sight $1,000 Sights and drop away rest new. $1,450 package Sights: Easy V or Montana Black gold Whitetail single pin Shipping is $25.00
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    WTB Mystery Ranch

    Looking to get the new version Guide Light MT™ Frame. Prefer Foilage, but I am not picky. Med belt. I am 5’10 170# Would also look at deals on a complete systeM. I need 5000-6000 Cu space.
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    WTS Mystery Ranch Blow Out

    PM sent