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    Please Welcome Hardside Hydration (& a free drink!)

    I've heard a lot about bladders leaking, but I'll have to say, I've packed a 3l Source bladder all over for about 5 years, smashed elk and deer quarters against it, etc, and never had an issue. I feel if you are going to use a bladder, they are your best bet. That said, I'm really enthused...
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    Please Welcome Hardside Hydration (& a free drink!)

    I've been wanting to buy a version of this from another company, but I like the features you have, especially the clip for the hose to attach to a shoulder strap. I may need to order one. I love my Nalgene, but I sure like having a drink tube, and this let's you have both.
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    How many people are happy running a single kifaru pack for all situations? Which is your go to?

    Ditto. Works great for day hunting and has tons of room for big trips.
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    Asolo Hunter Boots: Extreme & GV

    I have really liked mine, and recently when a pair popped up in the classifieds here, I bought them, so I'm hoping not to need boots for awhile
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    Y’all think Ammo is bad? - EDIT: Baby Formula Shortage, Rokslide is AWESOME

    As a dad of 4, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around flipping baby formula on Ebay. Good grief.......
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    Carbon Fiber Barrel Comparison

    I really hope we see this become commonplace. It just flat makes sense. If I needed a barrel today this is the profile I would want.
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    Carbon Fiber Barrel Comparison

    With companies starting to profile with flared muzzles for suppressors, I really don't see a practical reason to go carbon. It's not a wrong answer, though, and if you want one, get one.
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    Wyo Corner Crossing JURY TAMPERING?

    Per Wyofile, prosecutor has filled a motion to dismiss the 2020 charges.....
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    How Much PTO Do You Have?

    Self employed here. When I'm not working nobody's paying me. My biggest cost when I go out of state to hunt is usually lost earnings.
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    Anyone rockin' a nut ruck?

    This is off topic, but... We spent a week in El Salvador in February visiting some relation of my wife who were missionaries there. It's a cool place.
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    Anyone rockin' a nut ruck?

    This is where I'm at.
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    Anyone rockin' a nut ruck?

    Well, it is the internet, after all. :LOL:
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    Anyone rockin' a nut ruck?

    Do some of you just not sweat? I've been on a mission the last few years to minimize the amount of straps and stuff crisscrossing my torso, because all that stuff results in sweaty areas when I get where I'm going. It seems totally counter productive to have a bunch of technical layers that...
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    Round 2: Wyoming Corner Crossing

    According to discussion on another site, a mistrial was requested immediately upon defense attorneys finding out what had happened. It was denied by the judge.
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    Layering for the hike up

    I do most of my elk hunting late these days, but I have backpack hunted in September. It would have to be quite cold for me to leave my tent in more than a light baselayer top, windshirt, and a pair of Kuiu Attacks. I do overheat pretty easy. I would wear my puffy right up to walking away...

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