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    Contact wearers' what's your secrets

    I wear the night and day contacts that I put in and wear for a month. I pack my back up glasses and an extra set of contacts just in case. when I wore regular contacts that you put in and take out daily, i just did it with no mirror. baby wipes to clean hands and rinse with water, not to hard lol.
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    Making the switch to Seek outside pack

    you need to try them both your self to decide what works for you. You will get to many different opinions. I have owned and used both Kifaru and Seek Outside. The SO pack frame and suspension was much more comfortable for me than the kifaru was. That is compared to both the "light weight" kifaru...
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    not worth it in my opinion. I have a garmin unit and since I have gone to gaia gps on my phone I haven't touched the high dollar garmin
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    Seek Outside vs Kifaru

    I have owned and used both. For me The Seek Outside frame was a better fit and comfort over Kifaru. It is also very easy to attach other companies bags if you prefer them to the seek outside bags
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    Phone cases - Crappy pictures!

    most new phones are ipx68 certified which means you can get a way with a good case and quality glass screen protectors for you the screen and camera lenses. i put mine in a life proof case and still take a camera, it has more option for small packable mounts for setting up to take pictures.
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    Arrow failure or bad setup vs Elk

    It is hard to say what happened without recovering the animal. But I would have to say the arrow didn't hit where you think you saw it hit. The set up you are shooting is definitely enough for elk.
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    Lightest game bags??

    jimmy tarps are what i have
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    WTS/WTT Garmin Fenix 6 titanium trade for fenix 6x

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    WTS/WTT Garmin Fenix 6 titanium trade for fenix 6x

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    WTS/WTT Garmin Fenix 6 titanium trade for fenix 6x

    I have a Garmin Fenix 6 Titanium. I am wanting to get the Fenix 6x. I just want the bigger watch face. This Watch is less than a year old. It is the Titanium model but comes with a black silicone band, I don't know what I did with the orange band. No scratches looks new. All the specs on the...
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    Sold 3.0" RAZORLITE™ EDC

    I bought this new last weekend because I thought I lost mine. Well I found it right after buying the new one so I am selling it. Brand new new never used includes one blade. $32 shipped.
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    280-300” Bulls

    Wyoming bull