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    Why you dont hunt with some people anymore

    Definitely agree. That is my criteria as well with safety, trust and reliability being at the top of the list. I was good friends with a guy from our time together in military....I thought he was solid and we hunted upland birds together. We went on a late season big game hunt together...
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    Crispi & schnees

    I went with Crispi as they accommodated my wide feet at the forefoot much better than any other boot I have tried...been using 200 gram insulated Nevada's for 5 seasons without issues. I wish they would offer mixed sizing since my right foot is 1/2 size larger than my left.....but I imagine...
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    Soft shell jackets

    Anyone try a Selkirk from Pnuma? I have been eyeing one as it is supposed to be quiet, water proof and breathable. I have seen some reviewers comment that it is just a shell with light insulation, which would seem to fit the bill. I would be interested to hear what you think if anyone has one.
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    Eating less on hunts?

    Same here...I eat less and definitely higher quality food.
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    Similar to what I use but a Leupold....
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    The specific active ingredients of HEET and ISO-HEET are methanol and isopropanol, respectively. After breathing ash and soot from a wood stove....or burning coal....none of this is likely good for the lungs....
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    I I like using a tripod for binos but found the Leupold tripod adapter tray more useful - with Velcro it accommodates different binos without a problem, in a pinch I can put my Kowa 553 on it and I have also used it as a rifle rest. The Leupold adapter is much more useful IMPE...
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    I agree that the Ozark Trail brand is darn good for the price. Bought one of their Yeti like coolers for $49 and much better than the Yeti - it has cam buckles for the locks instead of rubber pulls that eventually degrade and break. Bought the backpack soft sided cooler as well that is just...
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    A bottle of Heet also works with a can and toilet paper.
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    I also use old inner tubes to make elastic bands. For scope covers, I use old inner tubes from a car tire. Fold in half and cut it out like an H but keep the horizontal thick enough to cover the scope lens. When I lose them in the field, I don't worry about it since I can make more.
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    Pfizer clinical trial data: not good at all

    Wow! Talk about a contentious topic - I put this up there with abortion, BLM, January 6, 9/11 and others - complicated issues that combine politics, claimed fake news and misinformation (not saying what side or both), individual rights, confirmation bias, personal ancedotal stories...
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    How warm is Kuiu Axis Jacket?

    A puffy under an Axis? I found the arms of my jacket too tight to comfortable fit a puffy. If I went a size larger, the arms were wide enough but then the arms are too long. Anyone else have this issue with the Axis? Otherwise a great jacket with a merino mid layer or just a base layer for...
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    things NOT to take on a guided hunt

    On my Dall hunt I definitely went with the mindset of being self sufficient and not relying on the guide for my own survival and safety. This meant taking me own knives, first aid, survival bivy, game bags and basics. The guide said not to bring a spotter, which I was happy to ditch, but I...
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    The gun IS ALWAYS loaded!

    Sad to see these stories crop up in the news: Sheriff: Hunter accidentally kills his 11-year-old daughter investigators say a hunter accidentally shot and killed his 11-year-old daughter while they were hunting near their East Texas hometown - "According to Fletcher, the accident happened...
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    308 Win with 130 grain TTSX

    Been using 130 ttsx for my .270 for 10 years. Eight elk and only one shot twice because he was still standing but wobbly on his feet. It is a good bullet and very little meat damage.

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