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    MR Beartooth 80 vs Marshall

    Really enjoy my beartooth, helped pack out a friend’s elk with it. Had a hind quarter, backstraps, and loins, the pack performed awesome. There’s a lot of space in this bag with the lid and when removing the lid and tighten it down it compresses very nice. As someone who has got to compare the...
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    MR Beartooth - Heavy loads?

    I have the beartooth, helped a friend pack out his elk a couple weeks ago. Was able to get a hind quarter, backstraps, and loins. The pack felt very solid, as long as you have your yoke adjusted properly and all the straps cinched tight. The hike out was ~3 miles through at times 2 ft of snow...
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    Crispi Colorado - Semi-live boot review

    Purchased mine 4/19, in size 9.5. These are my first boots of this category, and I intend to use them for archery this hunting season. Tested them out at my local two mile outdoor archery course that is situated in the side of a granite hillside. The boots really remind me of my ski boots on...