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    Stop the wolf....

    Yes I believe its Podcast 166 hunting with Teeth
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    Central Wa here!

    Welcome to the site.
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    FNG from Wyoming

    Welcome to the site.
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    FNG from Wyoming

    Welcome to the site.
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    Just another day in Idaho.....hey!

    that's terrible
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    What are the best seat covers

    I got some Neoprene ones and they've held up great and would recommend them if you don't have a Lab. I'm a big water fowler as well and thought they would be the ticket. The Front ones have held up great for 6 years, but the back ones have a few thousand lab hairs stuck through them and they...
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    Wyoming Units 121,122,124- Cody Area

    Snuzzo29- Thank you!
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    Best wild game meat

    Hard to beat Quail.
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    Stop the wolf....

    Meateater had a great episode on the reintroductions a few months back.
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    CWD Positive. What would you do??

    I'd eat it but probably wouldn't feed it to the kids.
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    First time hunting out west jitters

    Anxious is fine, just stay positive!
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    Wyoming Units 121,122,124- Cody Area

    I've been lucky enough to hunt Wyoming the last 2 years and ended up drawing for the 3rd year in a row. The downside is it was my second choice and I'll be going in blind to a new area and on a hunt a full month later then I have prior (11/1-11/10). I've done a fair bit of scouting but was...
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    Wyoming results today!

    The great news is my group drew, the downside being it was our 2nd pick Region X which we've never set foot in. Let the scouting begin.
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    Kuiu 25$ a 250 purchase up for grabs

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    Anyone have a Cabelas coupon they aren't going to use?

    Anyone have one of those 20$ off a 150 purchase coupon for Cabelas that they're not going to use? thx, Dan