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    Best TSS size for 70yd turkey load???

    Shooting at a turkey beyond 40yds speaks badly of your calling skills
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    Small gauge turkey

    I switched to a 20ga years ago and load my own 7.5 hevishot If youre looking for budget you might look at the Hatfield line of shotguns
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    What animals could you beat in a fight?

    when I was 6 I was flogged by two Tom turkeys I remember running screaming bloody murder and diving in my dads car window to escape the wrath Several times those things got after me but never caught me again After the first attack I found I could run like the wind blows
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    Scary thing happened while rabbit hunting tonight!

    Not much snow here in the Deep South but a leaf covered stump hole can mess you up quick like Glad you’re ok and congrats on the kills
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    The perspective of the anti-hunter.

    I’d be willing to bet they think that Griz will say Grace before chewing on their ass
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    Time for the tires to meet the asphalt, and the 308 to meet the hog !

    One shot the hogs will scatter and shooting on the fly will be called for and if it’s open ground you should do well but if it’s wooded not so much
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    Alec Baldwin shooting

    With a revolver if the hammer is only partially pulled back “Baldwin stated this” the cylinder doesn’t roll around to the next chamber and is in between chambers thus it cannot fire Baldwin is lying There’s no doubt he pulled the hammer all the way back
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    Hand warmers

    18hr hot hands inside a hand muff will keep your hand nice and toasty in any weather
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    Are you of The Men That Don't Fit In?

    Good’un for sure Describes many people and occasionally the one in the mirror
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    Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges!

    Let’s see if they put a stop to this idiotic behavior that brought on this trial to start with Don’t y’all find it odd that the convicted felon had a firearm and nothing was said and Rittenhouse was trying to put out fires and was attacked for that reason but had a firearm for self defense and...
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    Kidney stone

    Last one I had and I don’t mind say this but I was in the floorboard of my truck yelling and crying while the wife drove me to the ER That thing was 7mm and full of spikes Had to wear a catheter for 10 days after having it removed
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    I've been censored.

    Never been on FB and dont have any plans to There are many good forums to sell stuff on and youll always have to deal with scammers and lowballers and the like
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    I Found A Full Quiver.

    Whatever happened to cause the loss this one thing is for sure The hunter went vegetarian for at least a day
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    What's Your Side Hustle?

    Giggalo most of the time and lion tamer/dance instructor the rest
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    Front brake is hanging up even after calliper replaced

    The rotor should never contact the caliper You either have a bent caliper bracket or a wheel bearing that is completely gone