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    WTS: Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Platinum 250 spine with extra collars and nocks

    GT Kinetic Pierce Platinum 250 spine 4- new 4- used Extras: 15 GTO Nocks 12 Ballistic collars 12 Nock collars PM with your email or phone # for pictures. $125 TYD. Thanks, Matt
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    Bear Truth 2 bow

    50lb limb, 30'DL. Bare bow. Had 70lb limbs on and they broke. Bear Archery fixed the limbs and I had them put 50lb limbs on. That was in Dec 2012. It has sat in the box in my basement since then. $225. Cheaper deal can be made if you are local to the Denver area for pick up. PM your...
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    Sitka Fanatic

    Thinking of selling my Fanatic Opifade Forest jacket and bibs. Is there any interest out there for it? XL Jacket and XLT bibs. Killed my once in a life time buck last year in one sit. So it is lightly used stuff. Anyone interested in buying it? Would love to meet someone local if possible...
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    Nikon ED50

    Nikon ED50 Perfect condition. Spotter has lived in my safe for 99% of it's life. Selling because I have not used it like I intended. -straight scope 13x30 eye piece -UV Haze Filter -Will ship in all original packaging Thanks, Matt List Date: 1/19/2015 For more info, click here to view...
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    Spotter opinions

    Glassing no more than 2-3 miles for elk and deer. Would you pick weight savings and packability of Nikon Ed 50/vortex 50 or would you jump to Swarovski/vortex 65? Most locations hunted won't allow for glassing of much longer distances. Keep in mind that sheep or goat hunts of any kind will...
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    Broadheads and long distance

    What arrow, BH and vane combo are you using out to 100yds with excellent accuracy? I'm very happy with my BH and FT out to 60yds. Yet at 80yds my BH is constantly low by 12"+. My bow, I believe is well tuned as I have excellent groups out to 100yds. I should define my idea of excellent. I...
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    Kauai Blacktail - Advice!

    So, my lovely wife won a trip to Kauai. Some people have all the luck! We will be on the island for 10 days or so and I have be granted time to bow hunt. I would LOVE to bivy out for two days and see if I can get on a Blacktail. Big problem - Hunting in Kauai has never crossed my mind until...
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    Limb driven rest set up

    For those in the know..... top limb or bottom limb? Does it matter? If so why? I do not understand why one is better over the other. If it matters I'm shooting Elite Answer with Versa rest attached to top limb. Whole rig is new and was told set up in top limb configuration because that...
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    CO commision report on tags issued

    Look at this link. Page 39 of report starts deer tags. You will see if tags where reduced and by what number. Looks like some areas where reduced and some where not. Good luck!
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    easton carbon injections vs a/c injections

    Trying to decide if I hang up my 24 CX Maximas and make the switch to Eastons. Looking for smaller diameter arrow with more weight. Have not been able to find good pros and cons to these two different arrows. Looking for some help in getting some info on these to make a decision. My bow will...
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    Neuroma problem need help!!

    After injections solved my neuroma in January I finally got the courage up to hit the trail again with my boots. To this point running 8 miles caused no pain, hiking in sneakers caused no pain and carrying a 65lb pack while on the trail with sneakers caused no pain. I thought I was in the...
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    Release style

    Buying a new release soon. Looking at Carter or Scott. I've only used the double caliper style releases in the past and I'm looking at the string hook style now. What are the advantages, if any, to the string hook type release? Only thing I would like to keep constant is the nylon strap...
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    Velvet... Keep or strip?

    I've not hunted mulies in velvet during August. But, there is a chance it will happen this year or next. For those that have shot a buck in velvet what do you do? Do strip the velvet off or do you keep it? If you try to save it what is your routine for preserving your trophy before you can...
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    Sights - Dove tail or fixed???

    I currently have a dove tail type sight. It has worked out well and I like that I was able to move the sight so that my sight picture around the sight housing was perfect. What are the pro's and con's to each type of sight? Dove tailed or fixed. I will be getting a new sight soon and have...
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    How does ATA effect draw length???

    I have a 30" draw length and have read and been told I should not shot a 30" ATA bow. String angle is too steep. So, I have narrowed down my search for a new bow and most likely will be getting a Elite Answer which is 33.5" ATA. For those in the know, what is your opinion to ATA and draw...