One thing I thought of as I head out to feed cattle this morning in the rain I forgot earlier is that I took a Sitka waterfowl waterproof cap. I really liked it on this trip. A normal cap, even a synthetic cap, will soak up some water in the bill and eventually wick that back to the front of the cap. This one did not do that at all and kept my head dry. I took a Sitka Ascent brown cap I wore to Alaska and had if we encountered warm dry weather but the waterfowl one breathed enough I didn't ever switch to it in the field. Packing moose or slogging through real heavy mud I'd take it off so I didn't sweat it up to bad, but I'd have done that with any cap. Anyway, just a small addition I thought of when I put the cap on this morning.

Also the inside of the bull magnet moose call is a good place to store a cap in your luggage so it doesn't get smashed. I put my extra one there on the trip.