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    Video editing app? (for dummies)

    Looking for help with video editing programs or apps. A buddy of mine who was with me on my hunt last month captured my encounter on video using his iPhone. I am extremely thankful to have that moment captured and I really want to share it with some friends and family, but it's challenging to do so in its current state. Of course, we are not pro's, so there is no intro or monologue, and the encounter is separated into 5-6 videos as he stopped and started. I'd like to clean it all up but I'm not sure where to even start as i have Zero experience with video edits.

    My primary PC is a work laptop with a ton of security on it, so I would prefer to use an (android) app on my phone if that is even possible for what I want to do (?). Also, since this is not going to be a new career for me, I'd really like something that is very low investment (or free) and very user friendly with a short learning curve. I don't think that the edits I want to make would require any super highend video editing software (?). I've listed the primary things I'd like to do below and I'm hoping those of you with experience can provide recommendations on the program or app that should meet my needs.

    The main things i want to do are:

    1 - splice them all into one continuous video

    2 - overlay some "closed captioning" text as the whispering can be hard to make out.

    3 - overlay a timer to show how long I was at full draw (longest ever hold for me anyway)

    4 - in the gaps between videos I would like to place some text on a black screen describing what was happening during that period of time with no video to fill in the storyline and help it flow and still make sense.

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    I am just trying shotcut out. From my homework seemed like one of the better free editing software available. Not sure it will work on a phone, but if it does it is pretty user friendly and should do what you need.

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