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  1. adventure907

    Getting Close

    Well I know I am getting excited. Last year I had two great hunts with fellow Roksliders, and this year I am hoping for the same with whoever I may be hunting with. After all the craziness in the world and losing my spring season, spending some time in the mountains with the most majestic...
  2. adventure907

    Sunglasses for Sheep Hunting

    Sunglasses/eye protection isn't a bad thing to have when busting through the alders or scrub brush.
  3. adventure907

    Hunting Quail with a Beagle

    As the owner of a senior beagle, this thread warms my heart. Thank you!!!
  4. adventure907

    Dall Sheep - Why so Expensive?

    Dall Sheep is the finest game meat in Alaska, bar none (personal opinion of course, but I'd venture a guess many Alaskan's agree with me). Just saying...
  5. adventure907

    overnight bivouac

    once....coldest night of my life. we got the ram though.
  6. adventure907

    Effects of COVID-19 virus Part 2 POLL

    I am a hunting guide and our entire spring season has been cancelled. Just like that, 1/3 of my yearly income kaput.
  7. adventure907

    CARES act forgivable loans for businesses

    Do you have a link to this questionnaire? Thanks!!
  8. adventure907

    CARES act forgivable loans for businesses

    Then that would be a good thing
  9. adventure907

    CARES act forgivable loans for businesses

    What if they've used up all the money by the 10th for independent contractors? I've heard they already have paid out 3 billion for these PPP loans as of noon today.
  10. adventure907

    Do you feel your spring hunts slipping away?

    Alaska governor just said spring bear hunts are cancelled....anybody hiring?
  11. adventure907

    Alaska Summit Guide Service

    What Tanner said above is the truth of the matter. Frankly, there are a number of outfits with federal concessions that I wouldn't recommend even if their hunts were free.
  12. adventure907

    Dall sheep outfitters ?

    For a non resident to put in for the draw, they have to have a signed guide-client agreement with an outfitter when they submit their draw application. One common misconception that I hear about our outfit is that we only do draw hunts. This is not true, as we do open area hunts as well...
  13. adventure907

    Dall sheep outfitters ?

    Alaska Hunting Adventures This is my friends outfit that I guide for. I would be happy to answer any question's you may have. Feel free to shoot me a pm and good luck!! Josh
  14. adventure907

    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    What if........ It isn't as deadly as initially thought, but leaves most people who get it with diminished lung function? Still not a big deal?
  15. adventure907

    Worried about my sheep hunt

    Yesterday the state of Alaska issued an advisory to limit all non essential travel to and from the state. A while later I got a message from the outfit I work for that our spring bear season is on hold due to this.
  16. adventure907

    Worried about my sheep hunt

    I hear ya man. I make my living by guiding, and right now I am pretty nervous I won't have a spring bear season.
  17. adventure907

    Swaro Ats 65 vs 80 for guiding

    No panning attachment for me, just the pistol grip.
  18. adventure907

    Alaska's Corona Virus Impacts

    Sportman's show has been cancelled. They are turning the Sully and Ben Boeke into a homeless shelter.
  19. adventure907

    Dip in the Market, what are you guys buying?

    I've been planning to drive down sometime in the next few weeks. As of today, Canada is closing their borders, but Americans are exempt. But as we all know with how crazy this last week has been, that could change at any time.
  20. adventure907

    Difference between 7-day, 10 day and 12-14 day Dall Sheep hunts?

    Nothing wrong with a 7 day sheep hunt if you are with a reputable outfitter.