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  1. ILoveBusch

    North American Non Lead Partnership Opinions

    Hey, there is nothing wrong with copper ammo! I hope it performs better over time.... however, If any politician tells me that I can no longer shoot lead ammo due to their concerns, and research... bullshit! Don't lie to me with my tax $$, They all do, they all, suck. I guarantee I can do more...
  2. ILoveBusch

    Crispy boots

    Just a heads up that Scheels has some Crispis on sale now.
  3. ILoveBusch

    Cabela's new price matching effort seems like an attempt to stay relevant-especially for club card holders..

    Scheels has been awesome for price matching, they price matched Camofire for a tripod a few months ago. I just used the last of my Cabela's points and plan to close that card.
  4. ILoveBusch

    Scouting the ND Badlands

    I would go ahead and buy the Forest Service Map, $14 well spent IMO. It might not be 100% up to date but its a good resource for sure.
  5. ILoveBusch

    Ground Blind Tips

    I personally prefer a tree stand over ground blinds because of two things; being at ground level with a deer when the wind isn't blowing is hard to do anything, and the blind will block a lot of light for your bow sight during the last few minutes. Just my two cents
  6. ILoveBusch

    Weather Apps

    I used to use weather underground since a lot of people around this area had weather stations upload there but it has gone downhill since being bought out by The Weather Channel
  7. ILoveBusch

    Another MN guy

    I'm in between Bismarck and Minot
  8. ILoveBusch

    Another MN guy

    Yeah I like to visit, but I am stuck on ND there are a lot more hunting and way better fishing opportunities out here. But to each their own, nice to meet you!
  9. ILoveBusch

    What does everyone do for a living?

    According to my tax return, I mine some god damn coal.... I am sure an audit is in my future
  10. ILoveBusch

    Best bang for your buck Gear

    I'd say to watch the classifieds here, but be realistic, most people on a normal budget can't go from casual hunter to hardcore full pro staff type gear in one year. Build from year to year with quality stuff. Think about what is most important where and how you hunt and start there. Good gear...
  11. ILoveBusch

    Arizona Javelina General

    No, but I am jealous... we finally got to above zero temps but that means more snow here in ND. Good luck to you!
  12. ILoveBusch

    Another MN guy

    Nice, I'm from Grand Rapids, but now live in the greater state of ND! Were you in the oil field in ND or somewhere else?
  13. ILoveBusch

    What is your new year hunting goal?

    Harvest my first coues deer! Heading down south in November. I'm from ND so it will be a whole new world down in Az!
  14. ILoveBusch

    When I'm not hunting.... I'm _________________!

    House projects :cautious:
  15. ILoveBusch

    How much are you reasonably willing to spend on hunting each year?

    Don't tell my wife, but minimum $5,000 between birds, ammo, gas, big game, and gear. I don't look at it as an expense but an experience. I'm going to live life now... There are no guarantees so go out and hunt.
  16. ILoveBusch

    FNG from ND

    I realized the odds were against me, but wanted to get into elk hunting sooner rather than later so I put in for E3 COW. I know a few people who think I'm nuts for using my once in a lifetime tag on a cow but to each their own. I put in a lot of time scouting and was able to shoot this big old...
  17. ILoveBusch

    FNG from ND

    Previously a northern MN stump jumper, converted to a flat lander from ND. I was able to shoot my first elk in ND in 2018, and now I am hooked, on the meat and the hunting. Happy to be here to gather knowledge and buy some good gear. Cheers!
  18. ILoveBusch

    Arizona coues father son double

    Awesome! I'll be heading down there for the first time about that time this year. Are the bucks normally in bachelor groups of that size in November?