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    Best lense protection for SWFA scopes

    you couldnt hardly GIVE away a 6x not too long ago. i didnt need any, but saw them time after time listed and no one wanted them.
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    Swarovski NL Pure Binoculars?

    looks like there are about to be some deals to be had on previously owned swaro binos. some folks will just HAVE to have them! but it’s good to see something new come out. maybe someday i’ll try them. but if they dont completely blow my doors off, i’ll be passing. that’s a lot...
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    10mm Hardcast COAL

    measure your bullet outside diameter....and give them a turn while you are measuring. some bullets are out or round, even though you can’t see it. there is also something called “bullet springback” that you get with cast bullets...which the alloy used has a lot to do with. i ran into...
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    I don't know a [email protected] thing about scopes...

    there isnt a damn thing wrong with the ‘06 and it’s a wise choice. it’s been in the top 10 rifle cartridges for more years than a lot of the new “wonder cartridges” have existed. whoever advised you on the 30 06 gave you very solid advice.
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    SWFA Ultralight w/ BDC

    i’d like to see them make a pistol scope with the milquad reticle. it’d be what the dr. ordered for a 7-30 waters or a 6.5 jdj
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    Swarovski EL Question

    I had the 8x32 and the 10x42 side by side for two weeks. I kept the 8x. I lost nothing to the 10x42.
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    Sold Swarovski 8x32 EL SV Binos

    DISCLAIMER...>i dont know the poster, Or have any affiliation with him/her. but i will say that i bought a pair this model binos last year for around what he’s asking. yes, it’s a good deal. but it isnt one of those “if it’s too good to be true...” type posts. if i didnt have my...
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    Meopta Vs Swaro EL

    as a guy who is far from rich, i can attest to how hard it was to pull the trigger and buy swaro. but as soon as it was over, it didnt hurt anymore. and i know that i will never lose money on them. <—that, combined with getting to use them, makes up for the price tag.
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    Nikon throwing in the towel on riflescopes

    Meh.....good riddance. The last 3 that came through my hands were junk. When your scope says 1 click-1/4” at 100 yards....and the actual adjustment value is 3/4 at 100.....on three different scopes? They needed to go. Seriously.
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    "Newby" needing help identifying signs of pressure

    reading primers doesnt tell you what the chamber pressure is. primers could look fine, and your chamber pressure could be too high. yeah yeah, i know. like it or not, it’s true. which is why i use book loads, and if it aint fast enough, i get a cartridge that is. with your win-mag...
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    Weaver Customer Service?

    Well shit. There goes the neighborhood.
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    Weaver Customer Service?

    Why would bushnell service a weaver scope? I have bought 3 weavers.....a super slam 2x10-42 and two fixed 4x. All are outstanding scopes.
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    Equipment Recommendations

    see if you can find a handloading mentor in your area....who uses a dillon. go that route, and never look back.
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    Picking a new Bullet. how do you all choose

    my 270 winchester loves nosler 150 ballistic tips. i have shot a boatload of deer with it, and all but two dropped instantely at the hit and never even twitched. the only two that didnt, were because i hit them a smidge further back than intended. one was 70 yards and walking. as i...
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    Dual purpose chest binos.

    Find you a set of swaro 8x32el. And if you push to 1500, that’s in your budget. And that extra 200 will be so worth it. I’ve tried 10x42 el side by side with the 8x32, and they were dead even in everything except size....the 32s did everything the others did, but in a smaller, lighter...
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    Not sure what to call this post about Swaro's

    Sir....what’s your prefered method? clobbering the stuff, or choking them out with the lanyard? :unsure: Notice i used “Sir” i dont want to be killed with binoculars.
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    Not sure what to call this post about Swaro's

    Or...... In my case, i have no retailers within reasonable distance. So that left we with taking my best guess as what i wanted, then spending the money. Got 10x42’s, then decided for where i live and how i hunt, they were not what i wanted. So i bought 8x32, compared them side by side...
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    WTS Meopta Meostar B1 12x50 HD

    someone needs to step up and buy these so it saves me money
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    Reliable Riflescopes

    the reason the simmons is so tough is because it is a fixed power with less stuff to go wrong. i have a fixed simmons on a heavy recoiling handgun, and a fixed leupold and a fixed weaver......all of which i am a big fan of. swfa scopes....many of them are fixed power....and you know how tough...
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    ejecting brass hitting turret on Tikka/SWFA combo

    had that problem with a xbolt and a swfa. Figured i could either mount it higher, or put a scope with smaller turrets on that rifle. I ended up putting a leupold firedot on it.