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  1. mcr-85

    Sold Zeiss Conquest 15x56 HD

    SOLD I'm selling my 15s. I have used them on a couple hunts but most the time they stay either at home or in the truck because I hate carrying 2 pair of binos. They have the Zeiss tripod adapter. I also have another stud for it if I can find it. I have the box they came in as well, it's just...
  2. mcr-85

    DIY Youth Stock

    I posted this on a thread in the youth forum but figured I could post it here as well. I just chopped down a Remington 700 in .223 for my boy recently. I had a gunsmith cut the barrel to 18" and re-crown it. Then I cut around 3" off the stock. I cut part of the cheek rest off so I got the...
  3. mcr-85

    Sold X-Caliber 6x45 Barrel, Dies and Brass

    SOLD I have a 6x45 barrel for sale that is currently on my gun. 20" sporter profile, rifle length, fluted in front and behind the gas block, 1-8 twist, 5R rifling and a threaded muzzle. The muzzle thread is a little goofy, its a 9/16x28. I'm not sure why they did that thread on it but I had a...
  4. mcr-85

    Utah Longhorn Hunt With My Boys

    When we found out my wife was pregnant and due at the end of September I figured the chances of elk hunting this year were slim to none. My little girl decided to join us 2 weeks early so I decided to buy a spike elk tag. I knew that I would have my 2 boys with me, ages 6 and 2, and didn't...
  5. mcr-85

    Decoyed Coyote

    I shot this coyote Saturday. I had my dogs with me but they didn't see the coyote. The coyote had seen the dogs. I was playing a pup in distress sound. He snuck in quiet and watched the dogs for a minute and then turned and ran off. I switched to another pup in distress sound and he popped...
  6. mcr-85

    WTS Decoy Dog/Trapline Dog/Hiking Buddy - Cur/Airedale Pup

    Got him sold. Thanks! Not sure if anyone here will have any interest or not but here goes. I have one little male pup left out of this litter. I had them all spoken for and one guy backed out so I'm trying to get this one sold. The momma dog is a Kemmer/Leopard Cur and the dad is 3/4 Airedale...
  7. mcr-85

    Tarptent Double Moment

    I have a Tarptent Double Moment for sale. This is a nice light 2 person tent. I bought it like new and seam sealed. I set it up once in the yard to see how to set it up and put it away. It is in great shape. $250 tyd Pics are from a Google search of this tent. Gear Review: Tarptent Double...
  8. mcr-85

    Hatch Outwest Bipod

    I bought this bipod a couple months ago and figured I'd post up an ongoing review of it. When I bought it I couldn't find many reviews on it so here goes one. I was looking for a nicer bipod for shooting prone than my cloned Harris type bipods. I was considering the Extreme Outer Limits bipod...
  9. mcr-85

    Tikka SA Magazine

    I have a new Tikka SA Magazine. It is the M+ magazine that comes with the 6.5 Creedmore. Never used. I just had the gun reamed into a 6.5x284 and bought a long action magazine for it. $30 tyd Sold! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. mcr-85

    Lowa Albula LL women's 8.5

    I picked these up for my wife but the fit isn't quite right for her. She's put less than 5 miles on them. $100 tyd Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. mcr-85

    Huskemaw 3-12x42

    I have a brand new, in the box, never been mounted Huskemaw 3-12x42 scope for sale. I have decided to go another direction. $825 tyd Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  12. mcr-85

    RaptoRazor Knife Set

    I have a RaptoRazor knife set for sale. 6 blades for each knife and a saw blade. 2 blades could be touched up with a sharpener, they are the only ones I used. The saw blade rusted and I cleaned it up. A little over $150 new. $100 tyd. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  13. mcr-85

    Timney Trigger 510

    I'm selling my Timney Trigger 510 for a Rem 700. I bought it for my build in 2015. I can't find the original packaging. It's currently set to 2lbs. $120 tyd Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. mcr-85

    Trophy Shot Prints

    I was just wanting to put in a good word for Trophy Shot Prints. When my mom shot her mountain goat last year it was dang near dark when we got the goat up to where she was comfortable getting a pic. He fell into a nasty chute and it took a while to get him up to her. Anyways, being almost...
  15. mcr-85

    Another coyote for my boy

  16. mcr-85

    2017-2018 Trapping

    I am missing trapping season. I am going through some photos to get a few printed and thought I'd share a few of my favorites.
  17. mcr-85

    Meopta Customer Service

    I just wanted to let people know that Meopta is great about standing behind their product. I bought a used Meopta MeoStar S1-75 a few years ago. The paperwork in the box said that it had a 10 year warranty and it had a date stamped in 2006. On my mom's mountain goat hunt last year I had a lens...
  18. mcr-85

    Magnetospeed V3

    I have a very lightly used magnetospeed v3 chronograph for sale. I only shot over it doing load development with 3 rifles. It's just been sitting around since. The case has a few marks and scuffs but the unit inside is pristine. The plastic film is still on the display screen. $320 tyd. Sent...
  19. mcr-85

    HPG Tarahumara for sale

  20. mcr-85

    Photobucket Pics Come Back to Life

    I seen this on another forum. I added the extension to Chrome and it seems to work. Heres a copy and paste from that forum..... Some time ago, Photobucket made all of their pictures disappear from forums. That means that here, many of the pictures in the archives were lost, as well as...