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    Satellite internet

    Anyone using satellite internet at their homes or cabins? With this current lockdown I’m looking to spend more time at my families ranch which is pretty far from town in rural Mendocino county. Only Hangup is that my daughter is now in a “distance learning” program from school and needs internet...
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    DIY shoulder mount?

    Anyone on here ever do their own shoulder mounts? I haven’t but with the recent Down time and a buck taking up space that I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay to get done nows the time. So far I’ve ordered the McKenzie tanning kit and once I get the hide tanned and measured I will order the form and...
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    DIY case lube

    Ran out of the usual one shot I have been using and with our national shutdown it’s looking like I won’t be able to get any for a bit. Has anyone else come up with a home made case lube using common supplies that doesn’t need to be cleaned off before loading? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Idaho whitetails in October

    Loosely planning a hunting trip to the Idaho panhandle with my dad in search of whitetail in the future and everything I’m reading is directed towards hunting during the rut mid-late November. I could probably pull off a trip that time of the year but October would be much better for my work...
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    300 vs 350 spine

    I see a ton of guys on here shooting a 300 or 250 spine shafts and I’m wondering if I should move to 300s with my new bow. It’s a Mathews vxr 70 pound with 27.5” draw and 28” arrows. I was going to run black eagle rampage with 50 grain brass hit inserts and 25 grain collars with 100 grain heads...
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    +1 for qad exodus

    Purchased some qad exodus 100 grain broadheads after reading many good reviews on here on sale through amazon for $31 after almost purchasing a set of iron will for 3x the price. These heads required absolutely no tuning from my week old Mathews vxr 28 and yesterday I put the same arrow and...
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    7saum shooters

    Been shooting 6.5 saum for a few years and with a new build in the future I’m thinking of making the jump up to 7saum for this one. Something about the 180 eld m at 2900 sounds perfect. Any other 7saum shooters on here? Let’s hear your thoughts on it. How fast can I expect to push a 180 out of...
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    Sig bdx system

    Anyone used or played with the sig bdx system?? Looks pretty sweet and optics planet is having a great sale right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lead free bullets and steel

    So with the new laws for ca this year I started building loads for my rifles with lead free projectiles. My savage lwh was the first one up to bat and building a load was a breeze. It’s a mild load of reloader 17 behind a 120 hornady gmx I bought as a factory second through midway dirt cheap a...
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    WTB used tikka mag or wsm

    Looking for a used tikka to start a build off of let me know what you have I am in California but willing to pay for shipping if the price is right Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Summer sausage

    Anyone on here have a good summer sausage recipe? I have a mass of ground mule deer, elk and wild pig along with some domestic pork shoulders I’d love to get going Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Talley anti cant

    Has anyone seen these? Talley Anti-Cant Indicator Lightweight Rings Matte They just popped up in a search on midway I’d love to get one but can’t find them anywhere else or any info on them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Savage lwh tinker toy

    Been tinkering with this on my limited free time to keep my mind off other things in life and just about wrapped her up today. The stock is a take off my other model 16. I shortened it 4" total, flip flop recoil pad, slimmed down forearm and grip, and soldering iron stipling. I...
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    Model 7 builds

    Anyone have a customized model seven on here? I just picked up a 243 for a great price and loving the action on this . Thinking I could build this into another 6.5 saum and save a few inches and a little weight over my savage I'm currently running Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Magnetospeed customer service a+

    My magnetospeed sporter was having an error code last fall and I've been putting off dealing with it because I've had so many pain in the a** experiences with other companies. Magnetospeed was the absolute opposite experience last Friday when I made my call I had the new parts on the way in...
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    Load developing with low power scope

    I see a lot of guys on here posting pics and talking about awesome groups shot with low power scopes. Are you developing these loads with a higher power scope first and then switching to the hunting scope later on? I have a 2-7 vx2 on the way but I'm having trouble believing I'll be able to...
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    700 build questions and options

    With the New Years Christensen arms sale I couldn't resist and bought myself the first piece of a build I've been dreaming up for a while, a midweight big 338 for western hunting. The first part of this build is a 26" carbon wrapped 1:10 338 barrel. here is my inspiration and what I'm aiming...
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    Ptg trued actions

    Anyone buy one of the trued R.E.M. 700 actions pacific tool and gauge sells? I'm pricing out an upcoming build it seems like a good deal when you add in the 1 piece lapua bolt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boundary stormtight vs chugach nx pants

    Been going back and forth on this the last few days and can't decide, I need a nice pair of rain shell pants. I am running the chugach nx jacket and it's ok it definitely doesn't blow my mind. My Initial reason for them is for a first season high elevation elk hunt in Colorado but I also do...
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    CA A zone buck down

    This year has been a tough one to get out hunting between being a single father and an exploding business I haven't really had a much time to breathe. I made it out for one single short evening in July during archery and that has been it. I needed some time to breathe so when I saw the chance...