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  1. BadDogPSD

    Activities/restaurants in Oahu, Hawaii

    Ono's on Kapahulu for traditional Hawaiian food is some of the best I've found. My dad grew up in Kaimuki and we would go there as often as we could. Get there early as there is always a wait.
  2. BadDogPSD

    New car- To AWD or not to AWD

    If snow & mountains are in the future, AWD or 4WD is the way to go. Chaining up on the side of a highway or freeway isn't much fun.
  3. BadDogPSD

    Skre Gear

    Great gear & company to do business with. I find the sizes run a bit on the small side.
  4. BadDogPSD

    Little rant about "non-grown ups"

    It's bad & seems to be getting worse. I will do my best to pick up as any trash I find. But the jerks that poop on the roads & trails are extra special.
  5. BadDogPSD

    Diesel truck regret?

    In the flats, at lower altitudes, gassers are fine for most loads. In the mountains, especially above 4000ft, diesels kick butt.
  6. BadDogPSD

    Merry Christmas to All of Rokslide

    Merry Christmas!
  7. BadDogPSD

    Torque wrench recommendations

    Borka tools makes an excellent set of tools including torque wrenches that are designed for firearms. I also use Fixit sticks & a Wheeler Fat wrench depending on what I'm doing
  8. BadDogPSD

    WTB Sig Kilo 2400 ABS

    I have one that I never got around to using. It's as new with all the goodies, $950 shipped.
  9. BadDogPSD

    What knife does everyone carry?

    Most days I carry a ZT350, sometimes a Spyderco Police or Benchmade Osborn Ruft to mix it up a bit.
  10. BadDogPSD

    What pistol do you carry in the back country?

    A light weight .22LR... I'm old and slow, the 22 ensures I'm not the slowest.
  11. BadDogPSD

    Campers, Toy Haulers, towing them - school me, please

    Our hunting camp earlier this week. Bailed early due to snow with more on the way, and the batteries crapped out. This was 17 miles from pavement. The Desert Fox trailers are built pretty well.
  12. BadDogPSD

    Campers, Toy Haulers, towing them - school me, please

    I've owned a few travel trailers, a couple of 5th wheels, and currently own a bumper pull toy hauler (Desert Fox). I haven't kept up with the half ton trucks, but in the late 90's/early 2000's, they were lacking as tow vehicles for travel trailers. I've never wished for a half ton when towing...
  13. BadDogPSD

    What bino harness?

    I really like my AGC bino harness/pack. Easy to open & close, easy to get the binos in & out. It's quiet, doesn't bounce around or interfere with my backpack. It also has pockets for my range finder & license.
  14. BadDogPSD

    3/4 ton truck gas mileage?

    2013 F350 6.7, 12 mpg around town, 17-18 mpg highway. 9 mpg towing 12,000 toy hauler, 12 mpg towing my Ranger on a utility trailer. Most driving is in the mountain west, NV, ID, UT, CO...
  15. BadDogPSD

    Best Upland Hunting Vest?

    Very happy with my Wing Works.
  16. BadDogPSD

    Salomon X-Ultra vs Quest 4D

    I like the Quest 4D, but they are not waterproof and don't provide very much ankle support. Great lighter weight boot for moderate terrain.
  17. BadDogPSD

    Disabled daughter's first mule deer

    So cool. Well done dad! And a hearty congratulations to your daughter on a very nice buck!
  18. BadDogPSD

    Tire chains

    The main issue with chaining the fronts is the brake lines. For the rears, you can just chain the outer tires, or buy a set of chains made for duals. Buy some quick links or repair links in case you break one. Buy tensioners and use them. I'd use two on each wheel. Extras are a good idea...
  19. BadDogPSD

    Moving to Boulder, CO area

    One of my best friends lives in Ned. He and his wife really enjoy the small town and its quirks, but find they drive down almost everyday. There is construction/blasting on the canyon highway that closes the road frequently. This is supposed to go on for a while. As mentioned, Boulder &...
  20. BadDogPSD

    How do you wear your gaiters?

    Pants under, keeps the moisture out.