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  1. HoytHunter24

    Lathrop and Sons Review ***Updated 5/7/20***

    I will definitely say that once they break in a bit the fit is 10x better than at first. I have over 200 miles in mine and they fit like a glove now. My footbed did start to blister but L&S assured me that the insole was doing its job and absorbing the torque from my foot. I am excited to put...
  2. HoytHunter24

    Lathrop & Sons Experience - Ongoing

    I have several more fall bear hunts, archery and rifle deer hunts and a 2 week elk hunt planned for this year. 200+ miles have really worked these boots in. They fit great and lace up perfectly every time now. I will report back again once I get some more pack out time with these boots
  3. HoytHunter24

    Lathrop & Sons Experience - Ongoing

    Now on to 2020. I managed to draw a spring bear tag for Washington state. I also had a shortened turkey season to take advantage of. Turkey season didn’t equate to a ton of miles but I managed to smack a few birds After these tags were filled it was time to concentrate on my bear tag. I spent...
  4. HoytHunter24

    Lathrop & Sons Experience - Ongoing

    Time for an update! To pick up from where i left off. I had my callus taken care of and went on my next elk hunt. Most of the miles hiked were pretty flat. Although I spent an entire day side hilling and climbing through boulder fields and rock slides tracking a wounded bull. The stiffness of...
  5. HoytHunter24

    Bivy In A Tipi

    I run the Borah Gear ultralight bivy. Only adds 6oz of weight
  6. HoytHunter24

    WTS EXO K2 3500 Bag & Lid

    Call Exo directly. You will either get Steve or Mark on the phone and they can answer for sure.
  7. HoytHunter24

    WTS EXO K2 3500 Bag & Lid

    All of the frames and bags are interchangeable
  8. HoytHunter24

    WTS EXO K2 3500 Bag & Lid

    Will entertain offers
  9. HoytHunter24

    WTS EXO K2 3500 Bag & Lid

    Still available
  10. HoytHunter24

    WTS Mountainsmith Shelter LT

    Mountainsmith Shelter LT. I bought it used from this forum and have only slept in it a couple nights. It is in perfect condition. Comes with 18 stakes. Asking $75 shipped
  11. HoytHunter24

    WTS Water bottle holders (xcurve, exo, PALS)

    BUMP I ordered one of these for my Exo and it has been one of my favorite accessories!
  12. HoytHunter24

    WTB Luxe Minipeak Tipi

    I am looking for a newer model Luxe Minipeak Tipi. If you have one please message me!
  13. HoytHunter24

    WTB WTB Exo 3200, 3500, or 4800 Bag and Lid

    I have a 3500 ranger green if you are still looking
  14. HoytHunter24

    WTS EXO K2 3500 Bag & Lid

    2017 K2 3500 bag and lid in Ranger green. Used for a couple seasons but still in great shape. No blood stains or anything. This is the last version Exo made. $250 shipped
  15. HoytHunter24

    Exo K3 4800 Features I Forgot And Some I Just Learned

    The rolled up pieces are where you can attach your lid if you have the main bag full and the lid sitting really high