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    Shiras Moose Packout vs Elk

    So, you shoot a solid 6 point bull, and you have a solid Shiras on the ground. How much bigger are they really? I drew a Shiras tag here in CO and am looking at some wilderness areas. Trying to figure out logistics. Lets here it from those who've been there.
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    Past elk hunters CO unit 37/371

    If anyone has elk or deer hunted this unit in the past, and went into some remote areas, I'd appreciate a PM as I'd like to ask you a couple questions not related to Elk or Deer but their big brother. Thanks
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    Ridges or valleys for bait?

    Plenty of experience baiting, but always right by salt. This time I will be in mountainous country with big crick bottoms and valleys. Many years of elk hunting has taught me the most stable wind is in the valleys, down from the ridge tops during the last coupe hours of the day or early morning...
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    Badlands 2200 most versatile pack?

    It just occurred to me with my ongoing 15+ year love hate relationship with this pack, but is there really a more versatile low end pack then this? It really does it all. Aside from being a bit heavy, it's hard to beat it's versatility.
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    Do you feel your spring hunts slipping away?

    After listening to the latest speech from the president, I feel like walls in each state will be going up and we will be sitting on the side lines! Its like each state is it's own little country right now. There is so much panic and political flexing going on I'm not looking forward to what's...
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    Anyone else ready to get out?

    I have a bear hunt and some turkey hunts coming up. WIth all the doom and gloom, money lost, I just need to get out and get away from all of this. Anyone else feel the best way to be non social distance is to get out, and enjoy a hunt?
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    Bowhunter Orgs why not?

    Looking for some feedback from the younger crowd on how to grow membership, and most of all, how to have the young guys come to the annual events. A couple questions..... 1. Do you like to hang out in person with bowhunters? Or hunters in general? 2. If you had the chance to bring your...
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    Snowy Range or Sierra Madres

    Hello guys. Hopefully get a return favor here. Can anyone with experience in these two areas in WY send me a PM? I need some info for a Spring hunt.
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    Goat shoulder mounts

    Is it me or do mountain goats just look weird if you don’t life size mount? I didn’t mount the first one, decided to mount the second but olnly took enough for a pedestal/shoulder mount. Been looking online and just can’t find a good look. Any examples of a good pedestal or shoulder...
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    Processing elk like these guys.

    Anyone every watch these guys? What do you think about their elk cuts? It seems they leave a lot of fat and gristle on the meat. Far more than I do anyways, but they bring to light all the different cuts which is cool. So, being self taught, I always thought I should get more meat be it from a...
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    Elk shot distances archery

    So I was looking at the Slider vs Fixed pin sight thread and it got me thinking about ranges I've killed elk at. Only one out of the 20ish elk I've killed has been over 30 yds, and it was at 33 (far for me). All the rest have been at 20ish or less. Then I started to think about all the elk I...
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    Late to the party BRO ELK

    Call me slow, but I've been watching the BRO elk guys the last few weeks and must say, their videos are top shelf. We see hundreds of "Going here" "What week" Etc etc questions. There is a lot to be learned from their videos and they do things rather unique as well.
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    End of season pack search

    Well, My Badlands 2200, is to the point it's about done. Over 30 elk packed with it, 2 bighorn sheep, countless deer, antelope, and two mountain goats its seen its last days. Only bitch is the empty pack weight, but I have grown to love the pack even though its a love hate relationship...
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    Failure hurt?

    Have you ever noticed that guys go into the depths of H*ll after an unsuccessful elk season? Guys that post alot, expect success, and nada! Friend of mine has been MIA. Let the fire burn hotter.
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    First week Colorado

    Pretty good first week. 6 guys 5 elk down, one day to go. I left bulls on the mountain hoping an old timer can get it done. He has one more day. 20 elk moved into the drainage tonight had a bull at 100 yds ripping. Lots of bugling for such a hot opening week. Moon? Anyone here ever pack three...
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    Lanai House and Car rental

    Not sure where to post this, so here goes. Anyone have any contacts for a hunting setup in Lanai? Not looking for a guide, but rather places where they offer house and car for a few days. Be there end of June. Two people one male, one haina. Thanks
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    Am I missing something? New Kifaru frame vs old?

    I could have swore they offered another frame besides duplex tactical and hunter? Reason being, I'm not seeing the huge weight savings the new Duplex lite package offers vs standard hunter frame. I just checked the Kifaru site Duplex Lite/Ultralite Frames – Kifaru Intl. Online Store and if I'm...
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    Internet and BS Particpants?

    I'm a positive person in general, more than in general, but I have to ask others the following. Do you ever see input on subjects where you actually know the person indirectly or directly and just shake your head as they have no experience at all in the subject? Example, Broadhead choice for...
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    Glorified goats?

    I've been on 3 hunts, 1 rifle, 2 archery all in the same state. Are goats just put on a pedestal due to their looks and long draw odds? It surely can't be the " hunt" as I find once you're up with them, they give you that look of " what are you doing here" in other words dumb.
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    I've seen it all now

    Guy carrying a recurve and packing a compound on his back!