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    Southwest CO Elk disappointment

    Spent almost 2 weeks in Units 70 and 71 at varying elevations and locations. Saw 1 bull, no bugling, minimal recent activity of elk or deer. Similar reports and impressions from other hunters and forest service people. Read an article last year about the decreasing number of elk in SW CO...
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    Looking for a tree saddle

    Hey guys I’m trying to find a saddle hunting system to use this September but am only being told there are no products available for several weeks, into October or later. Can anyone direct me to a manufacturer of a quality saddle that has their products in stock and ready to ship? I would...
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    Please critique this article

    Got into a discussion on another social media venue about this article, the picture posted in it, and the reason the “scientists” assigned to the death of a herd of reindeer. If you have the time, please read it and give me your thoughts. Just curious. I don’t want to bias you by writing what I...
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    Iron Will Noise

    I've mentioned on several different threads that a flaw in the IW 125gr broad heads I have is that they hiss, noticeably. They hiss regardless of what bow I shoot them from, which arrow they're on, windy, calm, no matter. I haven't had the chance to hunt with them to see if it would be an issue...
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    Had to have it done. Rotator Cuff

    After fighting through any number of issues with my right shoulder, I finally had arthroscopic repair 2 weeks ago. Subacromial decompression to relieve Impingement Syndrome and bone spurs Distal clavicle resection/Acromio-clavicular joint resection to remove osteophytes and sever arthritis in...
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    "Windy" is an understatement in Colorado

    We've been hunting OTC in southwest Colorado, and I'll be damned if we don't see Dorothy flying by in her house. And her little dog, too! Gusts to 40mph. Multidirectional. Trees falling. Cats and dogs living together. There's no way to play it without getting our scent blown everywhere...
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    Observation; Helix and Iron Will

    Was finally able to get to a longer range that allows broad heads so I could shoot the Strickland Helix and the Iron Will. Both 125 gr. Both heads flew very well to 60yds (longest I shot). I was impressed with both for accuracy. I was also impressed with the subtle/not-so-subtle hiss of the...
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    Koola Buck. Anyone have any experience with this???

    Koolabuck | Portable Collapsible Walk-in Coolers Anyone ever used one of these? I can only find one review on youtube. It isn't an inexpensive product, but it would be priceless if given the opportunity to have several deer or elk to keep cool for a while.
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    Nice Kitty. Have you ever had this happen to you?????

    Having never been stared down like this, I find it easy to "woulda/shoulda" this til the cows come home. But damnation, these guys got lucky not knowing what to do here. Chalk it up to dumb luck, or divine intervention, or just hell****ingyeahtothemax, think about how you'd feel in their...
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    Pissed! Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus are out

    Knew it when it happened, still hurts everyday after 8 weeks, and finally got an MRI to confirm. Will need surgery but I'm going to try to sky draw my way through elk season and get it fixed in October. My question for those who have already had your rotator cuff surgically repaired, how long...
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    I want to improve mule deer habitat on my land

    Hi Roksliders, I recently purchased 80 acres in 71 and want to improve the habitat for the mulies up there. I also want to purchase enough adjoining and contiguous land so I can get "landowner privileges". Ive tried contacting the mule deer federation, and just started on monster mulies. I...
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    Do you go "Ugly Early"?

    Just wondering how many of you will shoot the first legal elk you can. Or are you more discerning? I head into he mountains tomorrow, and I've been practicing this and that. But the closer it gets, I just want to kill a damn elk! 7x7 would be amazing. So would winning the lottery,... And...
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    Taylor Mesa

    Taylor Mesa, Dolores CO Can anyone tell me how crowded and pressured this place gets? I'm solo hunting (archery), and am scouting on line. Seems to have some interesting spots. I don't mind getting way back into the area and hiking even farther if that eases some of the pressure that might...
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    Hunting with AeroVane 2's

    I would just like to hear from those who are successfully using AV2's to hunt. I've read the articles and website about how hard it is to use anything but the broad heads they say are ok. Can you tell us what you used, how far you can shoot those accurately with AV2's, and will you continue to...
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    Dal Alert Campfire

    Campfire has a bunch of things to choose from today, including a discounted Montana Decoy cow elk. I also have a pair of the Mothering boxers and like them a lot, especially for the price today. Bought several more, and well as knives, DDW scent free kits, a beanie, other stuff. Check it out.
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    Do you do the ritual?????

    When you kill something, do you have any kind of ritual where you "always eat the heart", or " always say a prayer", "scotch", or "whatever it is that you ALWAYS do", please share with us? I love grilling up some of the backstrap, ALL OF IT if the hunt camp has hungry people. It's a prized...
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    Tusx info I placed an order with TUSX for a jacket and asked about a discount for Rokslide members. Here's what they said,… The comments for your order are: Hi Mark, Thanks very much for your order. Yes sure we are always happy to support those that promote the hunting...
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    First Lite and Kuiu Merino tops, Yukon impressions

    Just wanted to relate my experience with the FL and Kuiu base layers from my hunt last week. Both were used as base layers, and each was worn as a first layer with the other worn over it (one day I wore FL under Kuiu, the next day Kuiu under FL). Sweated a fair amount on the trip as we hiked...
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    S&S Archery Comment

    I had ordered some more Solid 100 gr broad heads, and low and behold, they didn't arrive by the day before I was leaving on my elk hunt. I called Steve, who had jus finished hunting, told him my situation, and he informed me that they had run out of them while he was gone. So I thought "I'm...
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    Cold Quiver 50 Yards

    2 weeks from tomorrow I'll be riding into elk camp. I've been running lifting shooting,... And trying to simulate hunting conditions. Today I had 40lbs in my Nomad. Jogged the target range a couple of times (90 yards). Jogged to the 3D course, took a knee, and these are my shots from 50...