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  1. Oregon

    USFWS expanding hunting

    Please go on the link provided, and provide comments, if you approve. In a nutshell, they want to expand sportsman opportunities on NWRs. You have the opportunity to provide easy comments, the antis are dominating the comment section. Let’s fix that. Thanks
  2. Oregon

    Elk teeth

    I killed a bull in Oct. threw the head over the fence into a blackberry patch. Cutting back berry patch today realized I forgot to pull ivories. they had fallen out(only teeth that did) and were laying next to these canine looking teeth. is that the root section(long/narrow) to the tooth next to...
  3. Oregon


    Just pics of some October duck hunting. Waterfowl is my thing, myself and the pup try and hunt everyday of the season I’m not chasing antlers or it’s raining horizontally. It’s nice having Oct thru March off from work.
  4. Oregon

    Zeiss refurbish/customer service

    Anyone have a thought on this. I have a pair of Binos that need new eye cups and good cleaning. I googled customer service and have left 3 messages going back 2 months. Guess I’m looking for a contact # where someone actually answers the phone and provides details where I can get this...
  5. Oregon

    Wy eighty

    I know getting info is tough, but I gots to try. Have had phone calls into district Bio for over a month, with no calls back. I will be chasing deer this year there. My 2 questions are: 1. In the lower sections(BLM) are those roads typical Great Basin type roads once wet? (Gumbo) 2. Are...
  6. Oregon

    Sitka pics

    Well, I finally figured out how to post pics. Here are my 2 best Sitka from Kodiak. Couldn’t make a true 4x4 out of them, but I’m very happy. Good pics to show just how big their bodies are.
  7. Oregon

    Guide Life Bunk House tent

    I used search function, nothing came up. Anyone have one? Pretty sure they must be new product only 2 reviews online for 4 or 6 person tents with vestibule. My main concern is ease of set-up for single person. My 1997 Cabela’s 6 person dome saw its last set up this year. Sleeping in my...
  8. Oregon

    Type 6 wyo tag

    If I apply for a type 6 (doe/fawn) only, do they utilize your current goat points that are banked or are those tags strictly random draw? I’ll be out for a deer hunt next year and don’t want a type 1 tag along with a deer tag. Thank you
  9. Oregon

    Oregon draws fyi

    Finally posted. I request a re-draw Got a desert deer tag. Out of 9 apps.
  10. Oregon

    Wyoming deer counts per unit/area

    I spent quite some time in the past couple days looking for a link on Wyo F&g website looking for a break down on deer population counts throughout the state. I don’t own a computer, just this phone. I can not find a link to what I’m looking for. Does such a thing exist? Thank you
  11. Oregon

    Rosie bull

    Just a new guy here, technology challenged. Thought some might appreciate my last years bull. By far, my best/favorite/coolest bull in my 50 years. Sorry about the small pics, but after recently finding this site, I realized it’s plugged full of like minded folks.