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    Wilderness First Aid or Education?

    Have a little downtime and would like to read up on some wildnerness first aid or education that hopefully I will never need to use in the future. Any suggestions of good online courses/books/websites? Thanks
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    Can someone help me decide between Garmin inreach exlplorer+ and se+

    Hello, I want an inreach for safety reasons in out of cellular areas. My primary reason is to text or SOS (God willing never need it), I also want to use it as a GPS/navigation to get back to my truck. I think my primary GPS will be my iphone. Full disclosure I have never been camping in a...
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    How did you train your bird dog not to chase deer?

    Any tips? Thank you
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    New bird dog- do i aim for steady to shot?

    first bird dog. From what I understand, hunters usually train pointers to be either steady to shot (break for bird on the shot) or fully broke (will not break for bird until given a release command). Any thoughts on what is better for a hunter? I am on east coast and will be hunting smaller...
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    WTB delete

    not needed, thanks
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    What is the right tracking collar for me?

    I want to get a tracking collar for my new dog. We will be upland bird hunting, we will generally be in areas with cell service but not always. At this point I want a collar for safety of the dog (knowing where it is). I care less about tracking metrics of the dog. It would be nice if...
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    Help- 5 month English setter puppy

    Thank you for all the help to my recent posts. we are close to buying a started English setter puppy. This will be my first hunting dog. Any advice? -best tactics to adjust a kennel dog to a house dog? -best tactic to crate train/potty train a 5 month old dog? How long is reasonable to...
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    English Setter Breeder

    Can anyone suggest an english setter breeder for a puppy or started dog? Prefer northeast but can travel for right dog. Prefer good temperment (house dog) with ability to hunt. Thanks
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    Need advice- puppy or started/older dog?

    Hello- I am seriously considering buying a dog for upland bird hunting. Background- We do not live in a home or have desire to keep a dog outside all day. That being said our yard is fenced and a dog could spend a decent amount of time outside if desired. Someone is usually home at our...
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    Is Jan OTC solo Arizona Archery Coues right for me?

    Thinking of doing an OTC Arizona archery coues hunt in Jan. I am relatively new to archery hunting and this would be my first western solo hunt (archery or otherwise). I would prob target central part of state. I would be solo. I realize this is a low success hunt. I think I would enjoy...
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    Looking for 2020 Elk Guide (Idaho, Utah, Oregon)

    Decided I want to hire an elk guide for my first elk hunt. Have it narrowed down to Idaho, Utah or Oregon. (Please let me know if you think these states are foolish to choose) Any guide/outfitter suggestions? Will need to be OTC, want to keep it middle of the price range for elk hunts...
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    Carter Wise Choice- Short Axle Bow?

    Thinking of switching from a trigger to thumb release and was looking at the Carter Wise Choice. just read online somewhere that the release does not work well with short axle bows (I shoot 30 inches). Is this true? On another forum it said go with the too simple. Any input appreciated.
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    Do any states have Jan OTC cow elk hunts?

    Tried researching this online and having trouble finding an answer. Do any states have late Dec or Jan OTC or landowner tag cow elk hunts? Thanks
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    Wyoming Antelope/Mule Deer- Unit Suggestion?

    Trying to plan a DIY (or lower trespass fee) hunt in Wyoming. We have a group (3 people) with everyone have 1 deer and 1 antelope point. Intend to focus on antelope and also carry a mule deer tag. Anyone have suggestions of units to consider with our points? Looking for something with decent...
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    A 4 day OTC elk hunt

    I want to start building elk experience while I wait to build points. I currently have zero elk points in any state. I think I might be able to swing 4 days hunting this year. Needs to be somewhere that I can hunt 3 hours within a major airport. Needs to be a hunt that I can pull off with...