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    Black Rifle instant coffee

    I'm getting ready to order two boxes. They're as good or better than Via (in my opinion) and I like how well they mix with cold water. Plus their social media content is funnier than anything coming out of Seattle.
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    In for the s100s today
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    Definitely W100s this time
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    Back to S100s
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    Torn between the S100 and W100, so I'll just alternate each day. Today, W100
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    Trusting a Surprise Shot

    Yeah, I started telling myself "just trust the process" before even starting the shot. Which, along with the fact that I didn't launch any arrows to Jesus, really seems to help.
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    In again for Wide 100s
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    Trusting a Surprise Shot

    I’m retraining myself to use my Nock 2 It properly to achieve a surprise shot and I can tell when I’m doing it right because I end up saying holy shit twice. Once when the shot finally breaks and then again when I see how well my shots are hitting. So for those of you who’ve made the switch...
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    Still interested in a set of Wide 100s
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    Wide 100s but I’d be sorely tempted to get solids...
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    Why do so many shops do this?

    I’ll pile on here. Shop I used to go to (never again after yesterday) told a guy he was way over spined shooting 300s out of a 70lb bow and 29” draw. Then proceeded to paper tune it with an intentional nock tear (can’t remember if it was right or left) to “counter that stiff arrow.” Long story...
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    Moving gun safe

    Totally depends on safe dimensions and weight. I’d call around and get some different quotes. Going down stairs is easier, but so is losing control of it going down stairs. I’ve got a 72” tall Liberty and it almost killed two movers when they started to lose control of it going down a set of...
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    WTB Reloading bullets

    I've got a mess of Berry's plated 9mm 115gr. Let me know how much you're thinking per 100.
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    Running Shoes

    I'd echo the recommendation for going to a reputable running store (not Dick's or Academy, an actual running store) and having them look at your form and make some recommendations. That will help you both with these shoes and going forward because you'll know generally whether you need more...
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    Heavy Arrow Workups - Follow up #1

    Most paper holders I've seen are a simple PVC frame. Put the roll of paper on the bottom and clamp it at the top. Pull up more paper to replace as needed.
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    Mixed nuts that are higher in actual nuts and don't have as many peanuts. Almonds Carrots (baby or adult, I'm not picky) and sugar snap peas Apples and bananas
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    Mathews Q-LITE quiver

    7.1oz on my kitchen scale.
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    80% vs. 85% let off?

    Tonight I measured 66lbs with 20lb holding weight, so about 70%. LCA Bow Scale 2.0 mounted in my garage. My first time doing any of this, so don't forget to bring your grains of salt. Tested it with a 44lb kettle bell and it was within 0.1 pounds. I'm not independently wealthy, but it's a Rogue...
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    80% vs. 85% let off?

    Full disclosure: I bought this bow last year and it’s my first foray into archery since 4H about 20 years ago. With that out of the way, I feel like I’m able to be more consistent with the 75% mods because it’s harder to get lazy and just camp out in the valley. I also pulled off the grip and...
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    80% vs. 85% let off?

    I’ve got a Traverse with 75% mods and my bow scale arrives Thursday, so I’ll let you know what I find out.