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  1. Lukem

    Arizona Unit 9

    So, my dad drew unit 9 rifle in the random..... I'm going along, well, because I'll likely never see a unit/tag like this in my lifetime and really who wouldn't want to go on a hunt like this?! I guess I'm writing this post as much to brag/gloat/share the fun as anything, but if anyone has...
  2. Lukem

    Ditched the stabilizer

    And I think I like it. Didn't notice any difference in group size, held steady and bow is a lot lighter. First shot felt funny without the 11" and 8oz B-Stinger on there, but I'll continue to shoot and see if I notice any negatives. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but anybody else do...
  3. Lukem

    Gold Rush Mother Lode Race

    Thought this had all the markings of being Rokslide worthy: planning the right gear, lightweight, getting the right nutrition, intestinal fortitude and one heck of a fun adventure.
  4. Lukem

    Rokslide reading material

    I thought this was a good article. Very relevant to what we do, with a lot of good advice put in a way that a lot of us need to hear. I liked enough to steal my signature out of it...
  5. Lukem

    Photo judging thread #2

    I like 2Rocky's idea, the more we can look at the better. I'll contribute: 2008 SD Rifle. I'll post up score in a few days.
  6. Lukem

    Weekends on Rokslide

    Weekends on this forum just prove that this is the best forum out there: it's boring and nobody is posting. You all are out doing something instead of sitting on your computer or phone. Keep it up!
  7. Lukem

    Five Fingers lawsuit

    I know we have a lot of minimalist runners here, any thoughts on this?
  8. Lukem

    Morel thread

    Since there's no dedicated forum...thought morels could use a thread. Pleas post your field and trophy pics... :) Had a good day today:
  9. Lukem

    Fire Boots

    Not hunting related, but anybody have any recommendations for for wildland fire boots? Any to stay away from? I know we have a few wildfire guys on the forum. Thanks! Luke
  10. Lukem

    Is "Full Containment" Overrated?

    With this being a mostly western forum, I'm curious what you all think about full containment rests when spot and stalking. Do you let the arrow rattle around in the cage of the full containment rest (not going to list brands, so I'm not bashing :) )? Or do you still put your finger on the...
  11. Lukem

    Eastern NE WT Hunt

    Yeah, yeah, not what everybody comes to Rokslide to see :) but here's a vid of a WT deer hunt last week. Didn't kill anything, but that's not the only reason I bowhunt.
  12. Lukem

    2013 CO Elk Hunt

    Posted the story and some pics at No kill, but here's the video: Enjoy!
  13. Lukem

    Our CO Elk Hunt

    My Dad and I were finally able to go on an elk hunt together. I'd been dreaming of going with him for as long as I can remember. We spent 7 days in Northern Colorado last week. 3 really hot days, and the rest were really wet. Bulls were quiet for the most part, we'd hear a bugle or two each...
  14. Lukem

    Anybody use Strava?

    Any Roksliders using Strava (or any other "Map my ride" type application) for their riding or running workouts? I'm pretty competitive by nature, and any way that I can record what I'm doing to compete against myself in a later workout is awesome. I've written down every run since '99, but...
  15. Lukem

    Hike Suggestions

    Anybody have any suggestions for an overnight hike for my wife and I this next weekend? We'll be at the Ft Collins Full Draw Festival Friday and are planning on hiking in Saturday, stay overnight and come out Sunday. I was looking at the Arapaho Pass/Caribou Lake trail, but noticed we need to...
  16. Lukem

    "Gamey" Flavor

    I didn't want to hijack Jager's thread over in Elk, so I thought I'd ask here. Can anybody explain to me what they mean by wild game meat having a "gamey" flavor? I've eaten wild stuff my entire life and the only conclusion/definition I can come to is "not like chicken or beef"
  17. Lukem

    Craigslist Fail

    My wife and I recently moved and are in the process of looking for a new home. Sometimes you find gems you just have to share. 3rd pic. Not sure why a Mesa, AZ listing shows up for us anyway, but it's worth it. Sorta.
  18. Lukem

    South Dakota-Utah Turkey Transplant

    Here's a project that I got to work on this past winter. While turkeys aren't the most sought after game on Rokslide, it does involve two of our western states. Enjoy!
  19. Lukem

    Your Effective Distance

    I'm curious as to what everybody considers their effective hunting range. What limits do you place on yourself for your shots distance wise? We're always told the western hunter has to be prepared to shoot farther, so how far is it? For me it's pretty much 50 yards on a calm animal or one...
  20. Lukem

    Cabela's Primaloft Jacket

    In case anybody else is interested, Cabela's has a couple Primaloft insulating jackets similar to the Spindrift on sale right now. I got the pullover in Med Tall and it weighed in at 12 oz it is however 60g Primaloft. I think the full zip weighs a bit more since it's 100g. Not bad at $70 or...