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    WTS Marsupial Gear / Leupold Bino Harness, Medium

    I received this with some bino's I purchased, as Leupold was having a promo. Brand new, only opened the box to take pictures. Size Medium pouch, to accommodate up to 7" tall binoculars(any 10x42's will fit, as will 12x50 Vortex Razors). SOLD
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    WTS Sitka Kelvin Active Jacket, Open Country, Size Small, Brand New!!!

    Call me vain, but I just can't see wearing this, as it's the only piece of open country in my entire Sitka lineup.... And now that my bow is Subalpine too.... well, you get it... Brand new with tags. If you're a Small in most Sitka gear, this is the size you'd want. It fits similar to a base...
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    WTS Kowa BD 8x32 XD Prominar Binoculars

    Purchased these in July for an archery hunt to pair with my 12 power Razors and just didn't find myself using them much. They've seen only 3 days in the field and show zero signs of use. Includes everything as new in the box. Reviews rank this as some of the better glass out there under the...
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    FS: Mens Size Small Camo Setup- Russell APX- Mossy Oak Brush

    FS: Mens Size Small Russell APX- Mossy Oak Brush It's time to part with some of the jackets I've been hoarding(self admittedly). These would make for a great setup for you smaller guys, or even for your teenagers who won't stop growing. Everything used but in good shape. I'm a small guy at...
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    FS: Golite Shangri La 1, SL1 Ultralight Shelter/Tent

    I’ve owned this setup for years and just don’t find myself reaching for it much anymore. The fly has been used less than 20 nights total, and I can only recall using the nest for two nights several years ago. The poles are two aluminum poles that collapse down to around 16", you can also use...
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    Minox MD50 Compact Spotting Scope

    SOLD. Thanks!
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    Brunton Echo 10x32 Compact Binoculars

    No longer made, but a great mid-tier binocular! I actually purchased these two years ago as "New Old Stock" after loving my other pair of Brunton Echos(8x42) that I've owned for several years. I haven't used these for anything other than shed hunting last season, so they look brand new. Love...
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    MYOG: Stalking Sandals.... yup.

    Hahahah... These are probably the silliest thing I've made in recent years... I'm a weight-weenie, and was trying to decide on what I wanted out of a camp shoe that could double as some foot protection for stalking in close on my upcoming backcountry archery hunt(first one!!!). I can never...
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    MYOG: Binocular Harness

    I was quite fond of my simple setup that I developed for attaching my binoculars to my Exo pack. I've used that setup for the past 3 seasons without issue. I like the simplicity and have found no issues not having a padded pocket type setup. In the past few months I've taken up archery, and I...
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    MYOG Roll Top Bag For Exo Frame

    I was one of the earlybirds to get on board with what Exo Mountain Gear was doing and picked up one of their 3500's from their first run back in 2014. I've had great luck with their system, although I've come across several things that I wasn't one hundred percent in favor or fond of. A few of...
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    MYOG Exo Mountain Hip Pouch Organizers

    I think my OCD is progressing as I fill idle time with these projects... Put together some little inserts to fit perfectly into the hip pouches that Exo sells. The organization added is well worth the few grams on each side. Still plenty of room in them for a phone, lens cleaner, snack, etc...
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    MYOG Game Bags and Kill Kit Pullout

    Counting down the days until I head into the mountains... So I spent my Saturday piecing together some of the little loose ends. Wanted to organize the "kill kit" all in one place. Need to get some neon flagging ribbon, but other than that it's complete. I started by making three game bags...
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    First Lite Chama Wool Hoody. Fusion Camo. Small. Brand New.

    Bought this and two hats last week from S&S archery... Needless to say, being a skinny guy, even the small is pretty big on me. Pretty well known that First Lite's stuff runs big, so this might fit a lot of you traditionally "medium sized" guys... Brand new, but the tag was removed as I was...
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    Golite SL3 Floor

    After several months trying to score one, I picked up a Golite Shangri La 3 off of the classifieds here. Lately I have been taking the dog out scouting with me and have fallen in love with the space that this shelter offers, especially with a full pack and a dog. I've run floor less shelters...
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    FS: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 Tent w/ Footprint

    Up for grabs is one of the most bomber solo ultralight true tents out there. I bought last year as an "open box" item from Sierra Trading Post. After opening it I discovered it had a couple little knicks in the fabric(i'm guessing that someone opened the box with a knife as the cut is the same...
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    Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit

    I bought this last year and spent about 12 days behind it out in the field. I've opted to downsize to the Minox MD50 so this is up for grabs. A great budged scope that will give you the power to identify the animals worth chasing off in the distance... These scopes have great reviews, and...