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  1. Jdog

    WY 117 Elk

    Gents - brother and I drew 117 elk tags. Interested in archery hunting...The area is checkered with private land with some Black Hills National Forest and borders SD from what I can see on maps. We plan to head over and scout within a month as I was laid off two months ago so I have some...
  2. Jdog

    Black Hills SD Turkey Hunting

    Hearing any gobbling?
  3. Jdog

    Black Hills SD Turkey Hunting

    Headed to the Hills this weekend. Looking forward to chasing merriams.
  4. Jdog

    2020 Turkey Success Thread

    Kansas bird this am. They were hammering.
  5. Jdog

    Black Hills Turkey Trip

    Thank you
  6. Jdog

    Black Hills Turkey Trip

    I'm headed to SD in a couple weeks to chase them...anyone hunt them around Custer?
  7. Jdog

    do you have a brother named Phi stationed here in KS?

    do you have a brother named Phi stationed here in KS?
  8. Jdog

    Kansas Archery Buck

    He had lost a bunch of weight/muscle since the beginning of the rut.
  9. Jdog

    Kansas Archery Buck

    about 2 min before i ran an arrow through him
  10. Jdog

    Kansas Archery Buck

    one more...
  11. Jdog

    Kansas Archery Buck

    Late to getting this guy posted. Arrowed him here in Kansas on brother's place in early Dec. He was one of our hit list bucks and came in solo. I drew wayyyy too early and he got a bit squirrly on me and tried to depart. I was able to pick a gap at about 40 yards and get him to stop with a...
  12. Jdog

    NWT Dall Sheep hunt two pair of boots ?

    One very good pair of boots--My feet like Lowa. Two pair of quality socks. Quality gaiters--I prefer OR.
  13. Jdog

    Anyone that drew archery CO GMU 49--I'll Gladly Help

    glad to share my experience...we took a chance on doing the hunt even though much of the unit was closed due to fires... I owe you guys some info...hit me up if you helped me last year and I'll return the favor
  14. Jdog

    CO GMU 18 Help

    Gents - drew CO muzzy tag for 18. Anyone got any info they want to share? I no longer live in CO and I've not been in this unit... I archery hunted GMU 49 last season and am willing to share any/all info on our hunt. I've hunted a few other units as well. I'm sure I owe a few guys who...
  15. Jdog

    2019 Idaho backcountry spring bear hunt

    very cool. Grats to your son!
  16. Jdog

    P.O.W. bear

    ive done spring bears on POW a few years ago. Used RDM Air Service--provided us with skiff etc. Took nice bears.
  17. Jdog

    WY Elk Inquiry - 5 pts

    thanks for the inputs fellas. Very much appreciated.
  18. Jdog

    WY Elk Inquiry - 5 pts

    Same deal--passed on some bomber bucks first couple days that we should have shot-->inexperience played a role. Brother and I both ended up shooting mid 70"s goats. Fun hunt, tons of bucks, some real hammers.