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  1. Blinn

    WTS/WTT Kifaru Highcamp 7000 and Extras

    I am looking to sell my Kifaru Highcamp 7000 with standard lid and two long pockets all in Highlander for $200 TYD. All are in very good condition. I just want a little smaller Kifaru bag (4,000-5,000ish cu. in.) so would be interested in trades. I would prefer CB or Highlander. If you want...
  2. Blinn

    WTS Cabelas Krotos HD Spotting 15-45 x 65 mm

    I picked up one of these used off RS last year. It is the 15-45x65 straight. I have been pretty happy with mine. For the money it is tough to beat. The size is great. Tucks away nicely in my day packs, and just fits in my Kifaru Long Pockets. Because of the amount of money I spent on it I don’t...
  3. Blinn

    WTS/WTT WTS/WTT Kifaru Misc pockets and Guide lid

    Ha, I have been waiting for a CB Organizer Pocket to come across here for a week or two. My wife talks me into going for an hour walk and I frickin miss one!!! I am never exercising again...
  4. Blinn


    I absolutely love my Apollo. I have multiple other larger Kifaru bags, but my Apollo is my go to bag for day hunts. I always carry a large OR dry bag to use with the meat shelf in case I need to pack out meat. With a guide lid, dry bag, and grab-it, a guy is pretty much set for day hunts. I have...
  5. Blinn

    WTS Kifaru EMR II

    I bought the Highcamp 7000 Camomutt recently had for sale. It arrived today, and is in perfect condition. Buy with confidence. I could not be happier.
  6. Blinn

    WTS Zamberlan 960 Guide GTX Boots Size 11.5

    Price reduced to $145.
  7. Blinn

    WTS Zamberlan 960 Guide GTX Boots Size 11.5

    Reduced price to $155.
  8. Blinn

    WTS Zamberlan 960 Guide GTX Boots Size 11.5

    Reduced price to $165.
  9. Blinn

    WTS Zamberlan 960 Guide GTX Boots Size 11.5

    I am selling a pair of used Zamberlan 960 Guide GTX boots. They are size 11.5. They are in really good shape. I would say the soles are 80%, and rand is excellent. I will NOT include the insoles/footbeds. You can pick them up on Zamberlan's website for $12. I am asking $145 for the boots. That...
  10. Blinn

    WTS Cbe tek hybrid

    I will stop this madness! I will take the sight. Will send you a pm shortly.
  11. Blinn

    WTS Kifaru Accessories

    PM sent on the Guide Lid, straps, and pouch.
  12. Blinn

    WTS Kifaru Mountain Rambler

    PM sent.
  13. Blinn

    WTB Kifaru Apollo

    Yeah, I picked one up recently too. I can’t wait to really use it this fall. Combined with a guide lid and grab-it, I think it is a perfect setup for how I archery hunt. Having the meat shelf will be really nice, for it will add a lot of flexibility in terms of being able to pack out heavy...
  14. Blinn


    Ha, I don’t know if it is a good thing or not! Every person who forgot to add it in the past was one less person I had to compete against for those limited archery only tags! I kind of wish they kept the requirement to weed out a few guys:). I know, that is not very sportsman like of me...
  15. Blinn


    There was a bow and arrow check box there. According to MT257, Montana changed the requirement to have purchased this at time of application when applying for a limited archery only permit, however, I did not see that change. Regardless, why mess around with getting it later when you can check...
  16. Blinn

    Montana Tag Confusion Help

    Oh my word....if you are looking for answers to how the MT draw system works for elk, stay away from this thread! Mass confusion:)! It is getting pretty late in the game to have zero understanding of how the system works. Call the MT Game and Fish to get answers. The process is not as confusing...