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  1. Jdog

    WY 117 Elk

    Gents - brother and I drew 117 elk tags. Interested in archery hunting...The area is checkered with private land with some Black Hills National Forest and borders SD from what I can see on maps. We plan to head over and scout within a month as I was laid off two months ago so I have some...
  2. Jdog

    Kansas Archery Buck

    Late to getting this guy posted. Arrowed him here in Kansas on brother's place in early Dec. He was one of our hit list bucks and came in solo. I drew wayyyy too early and he got a bit squirrly on me and tried to depart. I was able to pick a gap at about 40 yards and get him to stop with a...
  3. Jdog

    Anyone that drew archery CO GMU 49--I'll Gladly Help

    glad to share my experience...we took a chance on doing the hunt even though much of the unit was closed due to fires... I owe you guys some info...hit me up if you helped me last year and I'll return the favor
  4. Jdog

    CO GMU 18 Help

    Gents - drew CO muzzy tag for 18. Anyone got any info they want to share? I no longer live in CO and I've not been in this unit... I archery hunted GMU 49 last season and am willing to share any/all info on our hunt. I've hunted a few other units as well. I'm sure I owe a few guys who...
  5. Jdog

    WY Elk Inquiry - 5 pts

    Brother and I wanting to burn WY points. We both have 5. Looking at archery elk units 41 or 37 in the Bighorns...anyone recently do such with a hunt recap/report? Happy to exchange or help where I can...hunted WY speed goats in 67 two years ago and CO 48 archery elk this past year. PM if...
  6. Jdog

    This year's KS buck

    Arrowed this guy on Nov 11th as a front was moving through. Out searching for does as it got dark.
  7. Jdog

    CO Elk w 6 NR points?

    Anyone ever hunt 48 or 49 in CO and have a good hunt? No longer live there and cannot scout so looking for suggestions. Got 6 NR points and need to burn em. Ant other sugggestions to burn these? PMs welcomed.
  8. Jdog

    Bipod Recommendation

    Gents - I drew a stellar WY antelope tag--unit 67. I'm taking my Tikka 270 but I'm thinking it needs a bipod for the potential long shots. Gun has a B&C stock. What do you guys recommend?
  9. Jdog

    WY Antelope Results Post?

    First time applying for a goat license in WY...When will the results be available? Thank you.
  10. Jdog

    WTS Shangri La 5 $200

    SOLD--WTS Shangri La 5 $200 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Used once--Perfect shape. $200 Or pm me
  11. Jdog

    WY & 8 Pts

    Fellaz - anyone willing to share info on WY deer hunts that would be solid for DIY guys & 8 pts... I've only elk hunted once in WY. Any info is appreciated--PM me. Thank you.
  12. Jdog

    7 Pref Points WY Speed Goats?

    Guys - I've never hunted goats. Started buying WY points when I was deployed to Baghdad in 2009--its time to burn them. Brother and I are looking for a solid hunt on public ground where we can camp with a wall tent etc. Camping is a big part of hunting for us and just plain fun. I know...
  13. Jdog

    First Blood of 2016

    Stroked this doe last week in Kansas...excited about the bucks we have on the place.
  14. Jdog

    Roll Call--How's in for 2016?!

    Roll call fellaz...who's in for this fall?! Missed last season with military's on again this year.
  15. Jdog

    Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14 x 40mm (30mm tube) for Tikka T3 Superlite

    Gents - just purchased a Tikka T3 Superlite in 270. Was considering putting the mentioned scope on it...any input on this scope?
  16. Jdog

    Good Luck to all the sheep hunters!

    I'm missing this sheep season as I just PCS'd overseas and can't make it work with work commitments--and it's absolutely killing me! Good luck to all you guys! Be safe. And as I always say, "heavy packs, full curls, double broomers and an occasional squeaker" (as my man Stidham says!) Dog
  17. Jdog

    Drew Chugach Goats!

    Brother and I drew Chugach goat tags, specifically Marcus Baker. Done several sheep hunts but never hunted for goats. Really looking forward to it!
  18. Jdog

    FOR SALE: Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight .270

    SOLD: Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight .270 I purchased this rifle NIB in Colorado Springs in 2010. It's the older version with the stainless/silver barrel. I had the stock repainted to the current tan with...
  19. Jdog

    Doubling up in AK again--2014

    Doubling up in AK again--2014--UPDATED 16 DEC 14 gotta get around to putting this story together...2014 AK dall hunt. Couple teaser photos...
  20. Jdog

    Dad's KY Bull

    Dad drew a coveted KY bull tag...his first ever elk hunt--over in about 1 hr. Very happy for him as he cannot do the physically challenging hunts in the west. He is nearing 70 yrs old and was ecstatic! His buddy in the pic is over 80 yrs old and been hunting together 40 yrs. Those...