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    Grocery store before the hunt

    What’s on your pre-hunting trip grocery list? What’s the stuff you pick up at your everyday grocery store that’s not special order or backpacking specific? I’m looking for something that has maybe become a tradition or ingredients that eliminate the boring Cliff Bars, but can still be...
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    Keeping arrows in quiver

    Does anyone have a good backup solution to arrow retention in a quiver? My quiver is pretty tight, but tough hikes through thick cover will sometimes rip an arrow out. I have considered some kind of quick release DIY option (rubber bands?) but I don’t want a loose Broadhead flipping around if...
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    Too many hobbies?

    If your garage or basement was a sporting goods store, how many departments would there be? I don’t even want to start thinking about accumulated value. Here are mine: -Hunting *MW deer hunting gear *archery *mountain hunting gear *waterfowl -camping -firearms -mountain and road cycling -golf...
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    Retired cell phones for mapping

    Does anyone use an old retired cell phone for OnX or similar mapping apps while they are out in the field? I have a phobia of losing my current cell phone in the backcountry, and I’d prefer to keep my primary cell phone sealed, and safely stashed in my pack. I wanted to see if anyone had an...
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    Eddie Bauer JULY60 clearance

    Again today, an additional 60% off clearance items on Yesterday I bought a hooded down jacket for $40. Camo down vest for $25. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Reflective arrow wrap experiences?

    To those who have tried them, what are your thoughts on reflective arrow wraps? I have the following questions: -do you use a full wrap under the fletchings, or just a smaller strip? -is there a reflective wrap that is still white or otherwise easily visible in good lighting? -Do you/will...
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    CO elk tag remorse

    I drew a 1st season rifle elk tag in CO and now I have FOMO for rut bowhunting. I had zero points going in so I thought I’d swing for the fences and try for the rifle tag, but I expected the archery tag which was my 2nd pick. This is a new draw unit in SW Colorado, it used to be OTC archery. Am...
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    WTB WTB- Hunting gear for 9-year-old

    I'm sure some of your kids are growing out of stuff. My eldest is starting to get the bug and my other boy is two years behind him. Eldest is about 60 lbs. soaking wet. Reply or PM me with something you're willing to move on to its next kid. Make me a decent offer w/ pic or link please. I...
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    Reconditioned boots lost fit

    Hey all, I had an old set of Danner’s re-soled for the 3rd or 4th time. The right boot has lost its snug fit in the heel. I’m wondering if this was from the re-soling process, or from driving while wearing the boot. I don’t remember heel slippage before this last re-soling. Anyone know if I...
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    When to buy arrows

    I have a tube of old arrows; 3 of one kind, 4 of another, some missing a knock or insert, others perfectly fine but were the last few of their respective dozen before I changed to a cheaper, longer, more available, or heavier arrow. One of these days I will settle on a certain type and stick to...
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    Death by a Thousand Cuts

    I renewed OnX last night. I feel it’s worth it, but I’m primarily a midwestern farm hunter who goes on one or two trips a year. I started thinking about other items I need (?) that are ONLY $30. We scan RokSlide and outdoor media. We have our buddies and bow shops that all dangle sexy new...