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    WTS Osprey Volt 60

    Not a hunting backpack, but i thought someone here might be interested in this pack Its in excellent condition, never used for hunting, just backpacking trips No holes, tears, burns, stains etc. 60 Litre volume Its considered a one size fits all, obviously those sizes not being children or...
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    Idaho harvest stats, accurate??

    While doing some research for the 2021 season, i was reviewing harvest stats for all units general deer for 2019 The numbers i see are very low, averaging just %24 for Any Legal Weapon, even lower for archery/muzzy Those numbers seem way low to me Does Idahos F&G harvest scoring process just...
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    Wyoming, Trust Land?

    Last season while scouting in Wyoming there were a few areas i found on Onx shown as "USA IN TRUST" I did as much research as i could later but had conflicting info as to whether this was State trust land or not. Any one ever hear of that term before?
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    Thoughts on BaseMap?

    Ive used OnX last five years or so but recently have been eying BaseMap and tried the free portion. Any users who have used both extensively enough to give a fair opinion?
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    Dyneema cord

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Been debating on replacing my original poly (or nylon?) cord on two of my tents as their getting aged/frayed. Figured if i was going to maybe go the lightest route which appears to be this. I know its light, but i dont see much info or long...