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  1. Kentucky

    WTS Unmodified, unused Sit Drag seat

    Brand new Sit Drag. Only taken out of bag to look at.. 30$ tyd
  2. Kentucky

    Sold Pop up 28

    New version..the forward pull belt buckle broke on left side.. I replaced MR belt clasp with a kifaru 1.5” SR and rigged the forward belt buckle with a molle clip.. other than that it’s a little dirty.. no rips, stains, everything else function as should, and the belt mod hasn’t interrupted...
  3. Kentucky

    Sold Kifaru EMR II

    Like new condition, never been on a trip, EMR II, bag only, coyote brown, need it gone, going to post office in an hour.. 175, obo, tyd, make offers if interested
  4. Kentucky

    Sold VPA goodies

    250g VPA small game heads 250g VPA 3 blade. 2 new, 1 shot into foam dozen times. $40 tyd
  5. Kentucky

    WTS Kifaru emr II and 24” frame

    I have a catch and release emrII in like new condition and a used wolf grey standard lid, lid is not pictured. 225 obo tyd
  6. Kentucky

    Seasons right around corner.. what you shooting?

    Seasons is almost here. What did you guys settle in on? Bow, arrow weight, broadhead type, and the game you are chasing with it?
  7. Kentucky

    Sold Mystery ranch belt pouches

    Anybody have any forager pouches they don’t need? Forager box, bottle holders?
  8. Kentucky

    Sold Mystery ranch pop up 28

    Super versatile daypack with capabilities to haul stand, meat, camp, whatever. New with tags.. made in December 2019. 325$ new. 250$Obo, tyd. Thanks
  9. Kentucky

    Sold Kifaru Stryker and duplex frame

    CB Stryker brand new in June. Never been used. Never even outside. Just going a different route. 220$Tyd you save shipping and wait time. used 24” duplex frame, wolf grey, medium belt, used, but in good condition.No rips or tears, or smells, no major stains. 275$ tyd 475$ tyd for both.
  10. Kentucky

    WTB Bison gear pack/ rancho safari, etc..

    Looking for a roomy, quiet lumbar pack. Whatcha got collecting dust?
  11. Kentucky

    Sold 125 grain kudu contour points

    Have 5 new, 1 practice, 125g points, come in cases. 50$tyd.
  12. Kentucky

    WTB Kudu 125s

    Trying to find kudu 125s..PM if you’d like to shed some. Thanks.
  13. Kentucky

    Sold HPG heavy recon kit bag with bino pouch

    Wanted to love this.. I shoot longbow and I get string contact.. can’t use.. never hunted, never sweated in, never used, brand new. I paid 120-130 for kit bag, and I think 40-50 for bino case... PM for more pics. 130tyd obo Trades possible. looking for kifaru Medium belt pouches, nalgene...
  14. Kentucky

    Great northern quiver

    I’ve got a new Toelke whistler 2 piece coming in a few weeks.. would like to get a 1 piece strap on quiver to try out. looking at the professional longbow model, not a fan of the 2 piece wire.. seems like they would work loose?? what’s your experience or recommendations for a strap on 1 piece...
  15. Kentucky

    Sold selway quiver,

    Longbow Quiver in great condition.. may need new foam next season 65$ tyd
  16. Kentucky

    Sold Belt pouch for all you carpenters

    Occidental 5-N-1 pouch.. I have an older one I been using for 3 years.. never used this one, old one going strong.. I think they go for 45-50$.. 35tyd sound good?
  17. Kentucky

    Sold Uukha vx1000 xcurves

    In great shape, 44# on 25” riser. I’m getting 50# on my 19” riser @28”. Super fast, good limbs.500$ tyd obo. Thanks. Pm for more pics
  18. Kentucky

    Sold Sold

    Proline warf riser..has ILF plates.. adds about 5# over lable. Good riser.. let me know if you have any questions. 80$ obo tyd
  19. Kentucky

    Sold Kifaru 26” frame

    I have a wolf grey 26” kifaru frame M belt and straps. Like to trade to Medium 24” frame in the same style/model in any color. Thanks I’m not sure which version or gen this frame is
  20. Kentucky

    Sold Thunder horn quiver SOLD

    Have a brand new thunder horn BOA strap on quiver.. 2 tone black/brown leather.. never used. I believe the go for around 100$ plus shipping.. 80$TYD OBO?