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    WTS FL Uncompadre Pants- Lrg

    WTS NWT Firstlite uncle padre pants, size large in dry earth. $160 TYD in CONTUS, buyer pays G&S fee.
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    Sold Sitka- Kelvin Lite/Mountain Pants/Thunderhead Pants

    WTS Sitka Mountain Pants (sub alpine) in 33x32, great condition, no rips/no stains/smoke free home. $150 TYD SOLD WTS Sitka Thunderhead Gore-Tex rain pants (sub alpine), size large. Great condition, no rips/no stains/smoke free home. $200 TYD SOLD WTS Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoodie (sub alpine) size...
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    Jimmy Tarps?

    Anyone know what happened with Jimmy Tarps? Looks like they fell off the map, can't find their website or Facebook page... did they close shop?
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    WTB SO Silex or Eolus

    Long shot, but does anyone have one of these new shelters that they would be will to part with? Thanks for the look.
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    Silnylon/Dyneema Hybrid Shelter

    I keep reading that Dyneema has a lower melting point than Silnylon and in some shelter application it's better to go with Silnylon for a hot tent. Has anyone ever heard of a hybrid shelter where the majority of the fabric is Dyneema and the annex with the stove jack is Silnylon? Just throwing...
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    Hammock Gear Economy Burrow

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Hammock Gear and the Economy Burrow they recently made for me. I had ordered the new Nemo Siren quilt (my first quilt) and was extremely disappointed with the quality and fill rate. I sold it and ordered an economy burrow from Hammock Gear last Monday. Tuesday...
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    Dyneema/Cuben/Sil Nylon/Tyvek

    Looking for some insight on MYOG regarding the fabrics listed above. I'm going to be making shelters/tarps/bivy's and wanted any insight from people that have used these fabrics. I understand that Dyneema/Cuben is extremely strong and lightweight (also expensive) but can't figure out if this...
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    Forum time zone?

    Can someone help me understand the time zone that is attached to all the posts and classified ads? It appears to be 7 hours ahead of my pacific time zone.... is there a setting I can adjust? Thanks.
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    WTS new (2019 Model) w/ tags Nemo Siren top quilt. Only taken out of bag once and tested indoors. Paid $300 with tax and shipping, to your door for $175 $160 shipping included. No trades please. SOLD
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    WTB Looking for lightweight bivy

    Looking for a lightweight bivy (Borah/Mountain Lauren etc.) to be used under a tarp. Let me know if you have anything available, thanks.
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    WTS EOTech 552 & 3X Magnifier (fixed)

    WTS EOtech 552 weapons sight and Eotech 3X magnifier (fixed). 552- Used, minor cosmetic flaws on the paint finish but functionality is all there. Glass is clear with no scratches, the only thing needed is a new battery holder or replacement batter springs ($18/$8 from Eotech). The batteries...
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    Puffy Pants

    Looking for feedback on options for puffy pants to be worn while glassing and under raingear. I've looked at Kuiu, FL and Sitka but wanted to know if there were any others worth considering. I've looked at the Mountain Hardware compressor pants but am not sold yet. Any advice is appreciated.
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    wet weather tipi floor?

    Question for folks that run a tipi in wet weather conditions (SE AK, Coastal WA/OR). What are you using inside the tipi for a floor system to keep your sleeping bag/gear dry? Inner nest, ground sheet (Tyvek or similar) bivy, bathtub liner etc. I will be running a titanium woodstove, this is a...
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    WTS Mystery Ranch Pintler- Foilage Green

    Selling my Mystery Ranch Pintler, size medium frame in foliage green. Brand new condition, no tags but used only 2 times to test on scouting trips. Never seen blood, only owned for a month. Going for a bigger pack, priced at $400 $375 which includes all shipping and fees. Locates in Western WA...
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    WTS Badlands Sacrifice LS Pack w/ Raincover

    For sale, Badlands Sacrifice LS pack. Owned two years and used. Pack is in good shape, no rips/tears or major flaws. All the straps are intact, zippers work great, and bow/rifle boot included. Pack includes Badlands rain-cover sized to fit. Both pack and rain-cover are in approach camo. Pack...
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    2016 Intel/Hunt Swap

    Hey everyone I figured I'd throw this out there, I'm looking to trade info or arrange a hunt swap for the 2016 season. Specifically I'm looking to trade intel or hunt swap a Western WA OTC Roosevelt archery elk hunt for a Northern CA blacktail hunt. The area is open to branch antlered bulls...