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  1. AkMtnRunner

    WTB Left Hand Tikka CTR

    I am not sure if any of these have been brought into the States, but I am in search of a left handed CTR in almost any configuration. Preferably in 308 and stainless.
  2. AkMtnRunner

    WTS Granite Peak Tripod (GP-33)

    I've only played around a little with this, it's as good as new. $95 + any fees. I'll take care of shipping, USPS Priority.
  3. AkMtnRunner

    Sold Outdoorsmans Jim White 2.0 Panhead

    In good condition, just some light marks on the hex base. Still very smooth. $200 + any fees. I'll pay the shipping via USPS Priority.
  4. AkMtnRunner

    Sold Outdoorsmans Panhead and Accessories

    All gently used. I can't find any distinguishing wear marks except a little natural scuffing on the bino stud. Outdoorsman Panhead 1/4-20 Adaptor plate Tall Bino Adaptor Euro style bino stud (fits Nikon) Sold
  5. AkMtnRunner

    Sold Nikon HG 10x42

    Great condition Nikon HG 10x42 for sale. Glass is in perfect condition. $700 plus any fees. I'll cover shipping usps priority. Sold
  6. AkMtnRunner

    Sold Maven B5 18x56

    Great condition Maven B5 18x56 for sale. Glass is in perfect condition. $1250 plus any fees. I'll cover shipping usps priority. I'll throw in an Outdoorsmans stud too.
  7. AkMtnRunner

    Sold Swarovski 10x42 EL's FieldPro

    Just like the title says, the latest (Field Pro) version of Swarovski 10x42 EL's for sale. They've gotten some use, but the glass and mechanicals are still perfect. $1900 TYD PayPal F&F or add on 50% of any applicable fees (I'll chip in the other 50%). No trades at this time.
  8. AkMtnRunner

    WTS Kowa 554 w/Extras

    Kowa 554 for sale in like-new condition. I have the factory box and everything with the original purchase plus extras, below. I've only taken a few short walks with it to test it out. It's the ultralight dream spotter, rivaling midsize alpha spotters. It's been a hard process, deciding to...
  9. AkMtnRunner

    Tikka vs AICS OAL and Belted Case Reloading

    I am preparing to reload for a Tikka T3x. The rifle will be sent soon to JES Reboring to transform from a 7mm rm to 338wm. It'll be put into a Mesa Precision Altitude stock. My first main question is would it be worth considering something like Mountain Tactical's AICS bottom metal and...
  10. AkMtnRunner

    Sportmans' Vortex Razor LH Scopes

    I saw this on a different forum, but apparently many Sportsman's Warehouses have the Vortex Razor HD LH scopes 1.5-8 and 2-10 on clearance. In-store only, you won't see it online. I picked up a 2-10 for $400, and I've heard the 1.5-8 were going for $300 but my local SW didn't have those.
  11. AkMtnRunner

    2x Kowa 55 Spotters Big Eyes

    So has anyone tried to pair a couple of these scopes up to make a set of big eyes? I have to think there's some real potential given their quality and compactness, nevermind that a pair would weigh less than one large spotter. I did a search and found some folks making custom brackets years...
  12. AkMtnRunner

    Spotter Holster

    As small and useful as these days’s good tiny spotters are, has anyone carried theirs in a makeshift holster on your frontside? I recently picked up a Kowa 554 and it would be very handy to access it without taking off the pack, with or without a light tripod like a granite peak. I’ll test out...
  13. AkMtnRunner

    Bino Magnification vs Exit Pupil

    This thread on BirdForum gets real interesting around post #15. Then, posts #21 and #22 give some interesting charts. The take-away that I get is we may be giving too much credence to the brightness and not enough to making a larger picture of...
  14. AkMtnRunner

    WTS Vortex Razor HD 11-33 Spotting Scope (Angled)

    Sold! This has been an amazing little scope for me. I can fit it inside my stone glacier spotter pocket along with Vortex's SS-P tripod. It's the perfect little backpacking rig when space is limited. And with the wide FOV, I've found it to be very fast to glass an area with 11x then quickly...
  15. AkMtnRunner

    WTS Stratospire 2 Tent This is the version with the mesh interior. An extremely lightweight two-person tent. I've only used it for two nights. I need something that blocks out the Alaska summer's midnight sun. Additionally Included...
  16. AkMtnRunner

    WTS Kowa/Sony Digiscoping Adapters

    These are the two adapters needed to digiscope between a Kowa spotter and Sony E mount camera. Both adaptors are virtually NIB as I've only gotten around to trying it all out once. So I am not getting much use out of them and I'd like to pass them along to someone who is more into digiscoping...
  17. AkMtnRunner

    WTS Nikon Monarch 7 8x42

    These have been phenomenal for me but I am just moving up a tier in glass as my budget has allowed, and I'd like to pass these along to someone else to enjoy. Last I compared with other companies' specs, these had the best FOV and weight among it's class. It comes with everything it had from...
  18. AkMtnRunner

    WTT Kowa 883 for 884

    I have a Kowa 883 (angled) body and would like to trade it for an 884 (straight) body. Mine is as good as new, only been out for a couple of short testing sessions. It's lived in the heavy-duty nylon case, which I'd also like to trade.
  19. AkMtnRunner

    WTB Left Hand Tikka T3 Lite S/S 7mm Rem Mag

    If a fellow southpaw is looking to offload a Tikka as the title describes, hit me up. Older model T3 (not T3x) is good. I plan to replace the stock anyway.
  20. AkMtnRunner

    Which type of camera for . . .

    I am a photography novice looking for better quality than my iPhone 8 for digiscoping and landscape and wildlife photography so that I can start 'hunting' year round. I've tried to research the different types but my head just spins with all the information. I understand that the skills behind...