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    FINALLY got my first elk!

    Congrats on your first!
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    Archery Success 2020

    Congrats and thanks for sharing the story
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    Wife’s Montana bull

    Awesome- congrats!
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    Redemption Bull

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    Opening Day MT OTC bull

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    Thank you WY

    Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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    A Gila Elk Hunt

    Great bull - congrats!
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    Girls Getting Bloody

    Awesome- congrats on a great hunt with the girls!
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    Daughters first elk hunt

    Great story- congrats! Hope to do this with my daughter soon.
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    12 year old son scenar’d an Elk

    That’s awesome- congrats to you guys!
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    First solo elk hunt success

    Congrats- great bull and great story! Thanks for sharing.
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    First archery elk!!!!

    congrats- awesome bull
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    First Elk! with my Dad

    Congrats to you & your dad!
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    Idaho First Elk Hunt Success

    Congrats- must have been a hell of a pack out!
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    Colorado Hunt Recap

    Congrats and thanks for sharing the story!
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    Medicine Lake Outfitters Bozeman, MT... ANYONE familiar????

    I would look elsewhere- seems shady to me.
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    Bow Blows up as I release on Monster 5x5

    Damn sorry to hear the bad news but at least youre okay.
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    My First Bull 2020 - Washington Roosevelt

    Congrats- thanks for sharing the story!
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    Son connected

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    2020 CO archery Elk recap

    Thank you so much for sharing this story- congrats! Hell of a story- I felt like I was right there with you guys and could feel your pain. I bet that elk tastes damn good now!!