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    Glass suggestions

    My suggestion: Affordable, great reviews, relatively lightweight. Of course this this depends on your budget, weight constraints, and a plethora of other factors. About the best value I could find for a recent build...
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    Kill Zone Size

    About the size of a dinner plate
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    Rhino LineX..... are any of the home apply products any good?

    I tried herculiner on a plate bumper I made and followed the directions perfectly. Yes I did the prep work. Adhesion was good but I cannot say I would use it again. Became dull and chalky within 2 yrs and started to rust through in spots even though there seamed to be no holes or cracks in the...
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    Scope for sons rifle

    I also was in your shoes and just picked up a fixed power SWFA that was on black friday sale. Check them out, they are very reasonably priced compared to variable powered scopes. I bought mine for $259.00 on sale. I realize they aren't the very best but they get great reviews for what they are.
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    Glad to hear you made it through ok! I work in a laboratory in a hospital. I do a good bit of specimen collection and interacting with the patients, as well as running the tests and communicating with public health about results. I am by no means an expert on the situation, but I am a...
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    I am an "actual healthcare worker" and deal with covid positive patients every single day and I think this whole thing is a giant load of crap. Just my opinion though. I haven't seen one truly healthy person suffer anything more than minor symptoms from covid. Many truly healthy people that...
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    Does anyone hunt with a 26” barrel and suppressor?

    I'm hoping its not too unreasonable because I have a TBAC 338 ultra on its way for my 338 RUM with a 26in barrel. I'm sure its going to feel big but it sure is nice to have that rifle when you get lined up on an animal.
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    Gun wood

    Classy. I like it
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    Biggest whitetail

    Heck yeah! Congrats on a one of a kind buck!
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    Black Friday Purchases

    I'm trying so hard to not be on this list.... But my cart is already full at midway.... danget lol
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    Vortex spotting scopes

    My advice, go big or go home. The extra weight of my razor 85 is worth every oz when it comes to sitting down and using the thing. That being said, I haven't personally used the 11-33x50 so I cant attest to that one.
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    The place I bought mine from had the one I wanted in stock. So according to them it will be 4-6 months until I have the stamp and go pick up the suppressor. I did not set up a trust, just myself.
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    Put my name in line last thursday (11/12) and was told 4-6 months. Much sooner than I was expecting to hear.
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    Fluting a factory barrel

    Spoke with Karl Kampfeld today and he told me that he has fluted thousands of factory barrels and custom unfluted barrels for his customers and only one barrel ever came back complaining of accuracy issues. He said he would not hesitate to flute even a smaller profile factory sporter barrel.
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    Fluting a factory barrel

    Well that's exactly the thing. I just put my name in line for a can as well. So the barrel is currently at my smith getting threaded, but he would be sending it out to another smith to do the fluting, which brings me to my current dilemma.
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    Fluting a factory barrel

    And I'm in the same boat as you. Love the look of a stainless spiral fluted barrel but may hold off for now, at least until I get a chance to run it by the guys at Kampfeld to get their thoughts.
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    Fluting a factory barrel

    I'm going to be honest, mainly I want to get the barrel fluted because I think it looks cool. I have no need to get an aftermarket barrel at this point, but just wanted to purty it up a bit. Just want to make sure i'm not going to sacrifice performance by fluting.
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    Fluting a factory barrel

    Should I hesitate to send off my factory Remington 700 sporter barrel to get fluted? I have been reading on the inter webs that unless fluting is done during the manufacturing process, it could cause unnecessary stresses and cause your barrel to lose accuracy and potentially fail. Is this...
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    What LR 338 cartridge???

    338 RUM but you might have a hard time finding brass.
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    Welcome to rokslide! Lots of good folks around here and a huge knowledge base