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    Ca. Draw is up...

    For us residing in the less than stellar state, good luck on the draw..... Mike
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    Ca. hunt draw is up...

    For the few of us stuck in this anti-hunting state, the draw is up,.... good luck to all, we pulled G1 tags, no luck in the big 3. Mike
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    swarovski 4w reticle review

    Hey guys, looking at putting a Z-5 on a cooper 92, was looking at the reticle options, any body got input on the 4w reticle?.. seems like the brx is a little "busy",.. but with validated hold over points, would have some advantage verses dial-up. Thanks for all the input, lots of experience to...
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    Another FNG from nor cal.

    Hey all,.. ran across this forum a while back, been enjoying some of the reads, figured I'd jump in. I'm from northern California, been here all of my 57 years. Love to hunt, and fish, with water fowling with my chessie being my favorite, with big game a second. Hope you all have luck in the...