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    WTS Elberstock Just One

    Elberstock Just one pack in great condition. A bit Dirty but no rips, tears all straps, bucklers and zippers are mint. Never hauled meat. $225 Shipped
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    WTB Pack in the $200-$300 range

    Hi folks, Im looking for a pack in the $200 range. Will be used as a daypack, may have to haul meat. Pm me if you have something in good condition you would like to move. Thanks!
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    WTT WTT Zeiss Victory SF 10x42

    im in need of a new pair of binos. Any of those forsale?
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    Kifaru Timberline 2 for sale

    Older style with built in stays. good condition. No blood or anything. 26inch stays. medium and large belt 2 belt pockets. Grab it $350 Can email pics.
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    Swarovski Optics Package

    Will not seperate. This is a wicked deal for the person looking for a Christmas Upgrade. New boat needs stuff, optics need to go for now. $3000usd for everything. Includes shipping with insurance. Would prefer to meet up face to face but will ship. Everything comes in original boxes and is great...
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    Guide killed Goat hunting in BC

    Hey guys, A guide and outfitter slipped to his death a day or 2 ago. I did a search on here and didn't find anything, but I thought I would pass it along. He was 25. Be careful out there, it only takes one mis-step...
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    Best tripod for the money?

    Hi guys, im looking to update my old school alum tri pod. I have a swaro 65 angled. Whats everyone using and why?>
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    pinhead size "somethings" in a 20 x 60 swaro eye piece

    Hey guys, I just purchased used 65mm atm swaro with a 20x60. The guy I bought it from said everything was perfect.... Well when I got the scope there is a few pin sized dots somewhere on the eye piece. I cant find them on the outer lense (s) anywhere but can see them when I look through it. I...
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    A couple great expereinces lately with a few Members Aron Snyder and Jared Bloomgren

    I just wanted to send a thank you to both of these guys as they have both been super helpful over the last few weeks. While I am Canadian and their accents are kind of funny they are great guys!(im sure the accent comment is the same for them! ) I bought a Pse revenge off Jared on Good Friday. I...
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    Life straw water filter

    Anyone ever use one? the life straw comes in at 2oz and i could defintely find a use for one, and the family model looks pretty good around camp. Just saw it moe across my facebook and just started looking into them, but thought i would post it up
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    Duck season 2012 in Review!

    Well since hunting season is over for most of us I thought i would share our duck season last year do try to soothe the pain a bit. We had a great season and were coved up in birds pretty much all year. The Pacific Flyway was hot hot hot. I do love back country hunting, but its fairly new to me...
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    Swarovski EL 8.5x42

    I have a chance to purchase these for $1000 all in, 2009 model, but lightly used. Glass is apperently mint( havent seen them yet just talking online with the owner) Are they worth it>? Pros and cons? Lorne
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    Nice work Oregon Co's!! Re: Poaching Too bad they keep referring to these criminals as hunters though... Lorne
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    Calling Moose...

    So im looking to do my first Moose hunt this year in Northern BC. MY father and I are doing a DYI Fly in for 10 days. I feel confident in my ability to imitate the sounds of a moose by the time of the hunt. THere are lots of videos on that. What there are not alot of videos on is the What to...
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    Stays and wasit belt

    I searched all over the website but how do you know what stays are for you? 26 inch or 24, composite or alum. and what waist belt. I am 6 foot 230. 38 inch waist With all these packs coming up for sale i wanna make sure i get what i need. P.s im want to buy a Duplex t2 or t1 in whatever i...
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    Cranker Washington Mulie!

    I dont know this person or anything about it, other then i saw it on another forum and was apperently killed WA in the last week or so. Anyone know anything about it?¸
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    East kootenays Goat Hunt

    I leave next friday, holy shiet im pumped. Drew an leh in an area with great odds (aka tons of goats but brutal country). IF i have reception i will make it semi live. If not i hope to have a great story when i return Lorne
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    How many lumens?

    Thinking of upgrading my headlamp, lots to choose from obviously, Whats everyone using, and how many lumens should i be going with minimum? Lorne
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    THe classifieds are killing me!

    Holy crap there is alot of good stuff up there, New timberline X2!! New MR 7500 New angled viper spotter Stika kuiu Holy crap, i wish i had some spare cash kicking around! Lorne
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    Searching for West Movie

    I got the released movie today in an email. Personally i think its fantastic! Enjoy!