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    WTS Dillon 3 pc 223 carbide die set NIB

    Dillon p/n 10096 FL 223 carbide die set. Never been mounted or used. $160 TYD
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    PSA regarding Safariland holsters

    I really feel like Safariland holsters are top notch in quality and fit, I have no gripes in that department. This is not a product bash, just a PSA for other users. The ALS absolutely does NOT function in sub zero temperatures even if moisture isn't present, your sidearm will be stuck in...
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    WTS Gopro Hero6 Black w/ 4 batteries

    Used, comes with case , various mounting accessories, 4 oem batteries, dual charger. Works fine, no issues. I just don't use it like I thought I would. $185 tyd
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    APA feedback

    Anyone have experience sending rifles into American Precision Arms for threading, installations, etc? I'm not concerned about their products, thats pretty easy to verify with years of real life reviews. I'm curious about their gunsmithing capabilities..Anyone?
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    Swaging question

    I have a Dillon Super Swager that I use on all my lake city 556/762 brass and its is flawless. My question is, is there any harm in putting all the brass (crimped or not crimped ) in the swager? The reason I'm asking, is that I have three 5gal buckets that are mixed and I hate sorting. Any...
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    WTS Kenetrek size M gaiters

    One pair of Kenetrek Gaiters , size medium in loden green. I purchased these for my son who wore them 6 days on horseback this October. I underestimated his foot size and they are too small for him . The left gaiter has a 1/8" dia burn hole on the inside lower 2" and referenced by a penny in...
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    Single stage press that accepts Dillon dies

    I already own a Dillon 750 and have their 3 die sets for the majority of my calibers. I only use this press for high volume reloading of "range" ammo 2-5k rounds per session/caliber. My older teenage son has been interested in longer range hunting/shooting so I think i should get a single stage...
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    MEAT! brand grinders

    Anyone have first hand experience with their products? The pricing is almost too good to be true, and the promo video seems a bit too "hammed up" . I'd love to hear some feedback from actual users before I commit to the 1.5hp grinder...
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    Bakers boots

    any of you guys have experience purchasing from Bakers? I ordered a pair of Zamberland 980 for my kid and the follow up has left me wondering if they are legit....
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    Wall Tent LED lanterns

    I did a half ass search and didn't find anything relevant. I'm wondering what the consensus is amongst guys that are setting up wall tents as a base camp.(drive in) I'd like to streamline some of my gear and get a dozen absolutely reliable LED battery powered lanterns. The streamlights have...
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    politics in clothing, WHY?

    What could they possibly gain by doing this? They make some fantastic products, why alienate your customers over politics? Add this to the 2020 crap thread please
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    Idaho and magic ink part 2

    hahahahaha, gotta love it. Two years in a row.
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    4 week Emergency food supply on sale

    no affiliation, just thought I'd pass this along. My Patriot Supply has their 4 week kits on sale for $197, $100 savings. All the food is USA grown and processed if that matters to you. 25 year shelf life, great company to deal with...
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    Leaving a horse behind in camp

    I only ride horses 4-6 weeks per year so my knowledge is limited to that. Assume I have 6 horses in my camp, one will not be ridden daily and trying to pony him in certain areas is a pain in the ass. Any objections to leaving one horse on a high line in camp for ~12ish hours?
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    Idaho superhunt

    just curious how many folks actually apply for the superhunt. I applied 3x this year instead of donating money to the IDFG like I usually do when I buy my tags.
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    Ammo "shortage" ?

    I'm just curios if there is an ammunition shortage nationwide or its only in select areas. None of the usual online retailers are showing stock and everyone seems to be looking for bulk ammo. ( the usual suspects, .22,9mm,.223,etc) Why does everyone wait until its not available , and then try to...
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    Glock sight tool rental?

    I purchased a set of Trijicon HDxr night sights for my 20sf. All the local gunsmiths are 3-6 week lead time for installation. Do any of you know where I can rent a Glock specific sight pusher? I'm not real big into handguns and don't really want to purchase one for a one time use. What do you...
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    WTS FN FiveSeven pistol

    FN 5.7 Trijicon RMR type 2 mounted. (4) FACTORY 20 round magazines ( two I loaded and used 1 time each) (3) FACTORY 10 round magazines ( I used all three approximately20 rounds through each?) 850 rounds FN ss197sr ammo ( 40gr vmax) 300 rounds AE 40gr fmj Let me know if you need more pics or...
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    Custom rod builders

    Not sure if this is posted in the right forum but here we go. I'm looking for a custom rod builder that will build to spec including the color. Ive found plenty of the usual suspects but they don't offer custom colors on the rod. Nothing fancy or outlandish. 7'-8' medium heavy, fast action...
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    Athlon optics question

    Argos BTR 10-40×56 BLR SFP MOA Copy and paste font^^^. Lol. Ive been looking at this to use a cheap target scope. Range play only on a Ruger M77 Hawkeye 28" hvy bbl in 6.5 creed. Im not interested in competition shooting or naval warfare durability specs, just occasionally slinging lead down...