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    Napa Valley

    Anyone that's been to the Napa Valley, got any great places to recommend for a visit? In a few weeks, the wife and I are headed there for some R&R. So far, we got only one day reserved for a wine tours, and a day in San Fran. Flying into Sacramento and as luck would have it, it's just outside...
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    Nikon throwing in the towel on riflescopes

    Surprised to hear about Nikon discontinuing their rifle scope production. But they are going to remain a leader in their other stuff :rolleyes:
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    Artificial Intelligence

    An interesting article on Artificial Intelligence got my gears turning. Timely info, because as age creeps in and doing things becomes more of a challenge I can redirect my efforts... Very much looking forward to extending my hunting years by - Training my unsupervised robot to Stalk, Shoot and...
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    Wild hogs attack

    Just read this article of a woman killed by Feral hogs. I hear these animals have been a problem down south for some time, working their way north, there has...
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    Zero compensation at altitude

    Does anyone have a good reference for predicting zero 200 yards at altitude, before you get to the altitude? Of coarse there will be reverifcation later but... For example, to be dead on Zero at 8000 feet, should I be shooting at say.... a half inch low at 700 feet? The ballistic...
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    Scope cover choice in the field

    I'm interested in hearing what the consensus is on Tried-and-true method of covering your scope in the elk hunting field is??? And why. From Flip-ups, bikini, to Neoprene. Seems like there are pros and cons to each.
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    xbolt 300 wsm ammo

    Just picked up a new toy for elk hunt later this year. It's an xbolt pro 300 wsm, I'm thinking to shoot 180 grains. Question is, before I go out pick up various ammo to see which is best... Has anyone got the same, and which ammo did you finally settle on? thanks, Joe