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    WTS Garmin Oregon 450t

    I have not used in several years since switching to my phone. Works perfectly. Comes in original box with manual, USB cable, and car charger. $100 tyd
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    WTS Crispi Idaho NIB 11

    Bought these on closeout (2019 model) hoping they’d work. They’re just a little wide for me. They are regular width. Trying to pass along the deal before returning. Literally as new as in the store. $270 +3%
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    WTS Kifaru LP Pants Lg - NWT

    Purchased new in Nov, never worn. $175 TYD, F&F
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    WY vs MT General Elk

    Thinking archery. In WY specifically thinking the Bighorns or Snowies, don’t want to deal with Wilderness restrictions further west. For MT thinking the 300s. GoHunt is predicting an increasingly hard general for NR in WY. Forgetting odds to draw and cost, how does the hunting compare?
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    Anyone used them and have feedback? I’m really considering them for a wall tent setup to save space. I have a few questions for those with experience. With 2 people is movement really noticeable? I don’t want 2 people never sleeping because they keep each other up all night tossing and turning...
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    WTS AGC Hybrid Bino Harness

    Used one season. In excellent condition. $70 TYD.
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    CO OTC archery-which week?

    Early, with the MZ crew, or the last week? What’s your preference and why?
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    Yanny vs Laurel & Blue vs White Dress

    So I imagine a lot of people have seen the latest viral recording where folks hear different words. We Made a Tool So You Can Hear Both Yanny and Laurel - The New York Times It got me thinking about that similar dress color debate a while back. I did some quick google work to try and find out...
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    CO 49 Elk

    I'm heading to CO this Aug for a quick scouting trip to get eyes on the country. I don't have a tag for this fall (didn't even apply), but fully expect to have one next year. I've never been in that area and hoping to get some general guidance on the area. I have been in contact with the...
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    Zeiss riflescope and Nikon spotter

    I have a NIB Zeiss Terra 3x scope in 4-12x42. It is a replacement straight from the factory. Reticle is Plex. $325 TYD PP Gift Also a Nikon Prostaff Spotter in 16-48x65. Bought it new several years ago, and recently moved up. Was a little shocked how close it actually was to the new glass...
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    FS Kifaru DT Frame 26" Med

    With composite stays in Highlander. Got this used and ended up going with an older T1 before I found a bag for this. I've never used it, and it appears the previous owner did not. Great condition. Get it this week and save the shipping. $350 TYD. PP gift or you cover the fees.
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    Hanwag Alaska GTX 9.5

    Purchased these used for my dad from someone on here. They are just too small for him. He really likes them, just can't make it work. They appear to be in good condition. Soles look good. Come with Superfeet green insoles. Looking for $150 TYD.
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    Trimble GPS replacement

    I just received an email that Trimble Outdoors is essentially going out of business. They are honoring existing memberships until your anniversary date, and then you must find a replacement. This applies to the Trimble Outdoors Navigator, Hunt/Fish series, and Backpacker series of apps. I'm...
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    Republicans stances on land transfer

    Does anyone have a quick rundown of where each candidate stands on the issue?
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    Zeiss Terra 3x 4-12x42

    [IMG][/ Used, in excellent condition. Price is $360 TYD PM me with any questions
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    COAL issues

    So, I recently purchased a used Savage 116 in .270 WSM. I've just started shooting and developing loads, and have run into an issue that's got me a little perplexed. I used the Hornady OAL gauge to get the max seating depth. However, I find that the measurement is below book. Going off...
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    Weatherby Vanguard 7mm RM

    I'm the only owner of this rifle and probably have about 100 rounds through it. Killed an elk this year with it, and functions perfectly fine. I reload and settled on 160g Partitions for just sub-MOA. I just wanted to try something with a tang safety. The scope is off the gun I recently...
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    WY Proposed Tag Fees

    Found this on another forum and am interested in this group's thoughts. I know it's the first increase in several years, but this seems really steep to me. I have absolutely no problem with the fact that we...
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    Retirement Planning

    Yeah, I know it's not what you want or expect to discuss on a hunting forum. But I've seen several discussion lately about how to afford the high-priced gear we all want so badly. As a financial advisor I have been curious about this for a while. My perception is that many folks on forums are...
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    Cooking Pots

    I'm curious what everyone uses for their dehydrated meals. I'm sure there a lots of JetBoil users out there, but I recently picked up a stove from another maker on clearance. What do you use to heat water if NOT using JetBoil?