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    Fluting a factory barrel

    Should I hesitate to send off my factory Remington 700 sporter barrel to get fluted? I have been reading on the inter webs that unless fluting is done during the manufacturing process, it could cause unnecessary stresses and cause your barrel to lose accuracy and potentially fail. Is this...
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    Best setup for coyotes

    Dream with me if you will. So I have this friend that may or may not have a pile of money to potentially dump into a coyote setup. What would be your absolute ideal coyote killing setup. Makes, models and caliber suggestions appreciated. Thermal optics and suppressors included. What would you...
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    2020 Pumpkin Carving Thread

    Ok I know we’re all adults here but come on now. Let’s see your outdoor themed pumpkin carvings. Post em up! I’ll start with mine from last year. 2020 pumpkin coming soon..
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    How much meat off a boned out bull

    Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I didn't have much luck searching the archives. For those of you that bone out elk to pack it out, what kind of weight do you end up with back at the truck, vs weight after processing. I am asking about boned out meat vs bone in quarters. I...
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    Worst thing to ever happen to elk hunting

    ONX MAPS and loudmouths on you tube. Gone are the days that a guy had to pick up a paper map and go for a hike to find a good spot or explore access, find wallows, trails and new country. Now any joe blow from anywhere in the world can sit on his couch and "scout". Sure, its handy, but there...