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    Kids bow

    I have no idea if this has been discussed a bunch or not. I have 2 girls age 10 and 13 and a boy that is 7. I would like to get something for the girls but I have no idea what they would need. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Sawbuck or decker pack saddle

    What do you use and why? Looking to pack camp supplies, hunting and occasional fencing materials on the ranch.
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    Horse bit?

    I know there are a million different reason why and why not. I dont have enough knowledge of the subject to know what is right or wrong. What bit should you use and why? I'm not talking rodeo events just trail riding. Thanks
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    Reloading semi auto rifle questions

    So I am new to the whole reloading thing. I have a few people I know who have helped me out. I have a Browning bar .270 and would like to set the bullet to have a little jump to the lands. The question I have is how to do it on a semi auto. Bolt action I have no problem doing. I have googled it...
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    New from Idaho

    I have been ready ng on here for a while now. This last year I (mostly my wife) made 5 synthetic quilts for us and our 3 kids and also a 9 by 12 flat tarp based on tons of info from here. I live in southern Idaho and enjoy hunting and horses. I am always looking for a new adventure or...