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    jimmy tarps game bags

    just wandering who has used these? Does a boned out elk quarter fit in one bag?
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    ? for those that use quilts

    Do you just lay directly on your sleeping pad, isn't that uncomfortable? If so how heavy of an insulated pad do you use so the cold doesn't come from the ground up? I am interested in a quilt but not sure how you keep from getting cold when using one. Any pics and insight is welcomed. Also who...
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    adding a stove jack to tipi

    I have a golite shangri-la 5. I was wandering if anyone knows where I could send it to have a stove jack put in it?
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    Seek outside Revolution frame

    I am looking for some real world reviews from average Joe's on this pack frame. How bulky does it feel when using as a day pack elk hunting? How do you like the lack of a lumbar pad? How easy is it to put the frame extensions on in the field? Does it have multiple attachment points? Sent from...
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    Bikiini frame with small bag as carry on?

    Has anyone used the 26" bikini frame with a small bag as a carry on?
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    Kuiu frame or kifaru bikini?

    Just getting some opinions, what would you go with? A kuiu icon pro tall frame/suspension or kifaru bikini? Both are 26" frame height.
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    Question for you kuiu pack guys

    For those of you that have used the newer packs. I am looking at kuiu and trying to decide between the ultra and pro suspensions. How much thinner are the ultra belts?
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    Sawyer mini ?

    For those of you using the sawyer mini filter. How easy/hard is it so suck water through? I have had water bottles in the past that had built in filters and they were horrible to try and get water through.
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    paradox packbag attached to Kifaru bikini

    All you pack gurus, Has anyone attached a paradox bag to a Kifaru frame? If so does it take much for mods? What are they?
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    wood burning cook stove

    I am just curios how many people use a wood burning cook stove? Such as the vargo hexagon. They seem like a very light weight to go. If you use one how do you like it?
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    Critique this pack set up.

    Kifaru KU2200, with upgraded suspension to the 5200, 2 KU long pockets, KU E&E should be about 4500 CI This pack would be used for at the most 3 maybe 4 day pack-ins. The highest percentage of the time it would be used for day hunts. It would also be my main pack for packing out meat/head and...
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    Kuiu as carry-on

    Anyone using any of the KUIU packs as a carry-on. If so what one. Also if anyone has measurements of the frame and the Icon5000 could you post them up for me. Thanks
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    WY whitetail

    Here is the buck I got on opening day here in WY. I spotted this buck about the 1st of Aug. Watched him with my spotting scope every chance I could. Set up an ambush point and couldn't believe he came out like I had planned. 35yd shot, hit him a little low and far back but with the help of my...
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    attaching Icon to kifaru

    Has any tried to mount the Icon to a Kifaru frame? How did it work?