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  1. TwoTikkas

    Shield cut ?

    Shield cut vanes. Who's using them,and what's your favorite?
  2. TwoTikkas

    WTS IQ Prohunter 3 pin. SOLD.

    Hey all. I bought this IQ Pro Hunter 3 pin with floater a couple weeks ago. This is a nice sight. Micro gang with third pin floater. IQ pin light. Like new condition. Unfortunately,I think a single / double pin slider is better suited to my needs. Asking $150.00 tyd. Thanks!
  3. TwoTikkas

    G5 Striker ?

    Hey all. Bought some old style Strikers. Good price,I think. Opened one pack and started spin testing. Not good. Tried different arrows. Same results. Oh I could occasionally get a dead nuts spin,but not easily or predictably. Upon further inspection, I noticed daylight showing between the...
  4. TwoTikkas


    Yay or nay? Any experiences here?
  5. TwoTikkas

    Monkey tails?

    Hey all. My new Halon 32-6 doesn't have any monkey tails on the string. Not a lot of room for any actually. Should I make an effort to get them on there,or just wait till we need a new string and add them then?
  6. TwoTikkas

    Rooting around in the goodie box.

    I was getting the new Halon dialed in today. Found this baby in the excess archery stuff. Ran this old girl hard. 3D shoots, indoor league in the winter. One of their earliest models I believe. An oldie but a goodie.
  7. TwoTikkas

    Halon. Mistake?

    Hey all. I found a Halon 32-6 in a shop clearing out their Mathews line. Been intrigued by the model since its debut. Seems like the time to try one. Now. In light of the latest flagship models,has the Halon's ship sailed? Test drove the Vertix a couple weeks ago. Hard to say anything bad about...
  8. TwoTikkas

    MAP gas?

    Anyone ever use MAP gas on a propane camp stove/grill?
  9. TwoTikkas

    T3 300 mini Winny.

    Shot the Tikka 300 WSM today. It is infact growing on me. Not too shabby for a middle of the road load, with a not so exciting powder. The first shot was an Abond to confirm zero. It landed exactly where I left it last session. Cranked the VX3I over an inch and proceeded to empty some more...
  10. TwoTikkas

    Colorado tag?

    Any Colorado deer tags in hand yet? My daughter drew her first this year. Pretty jacked up about it. She has been hanging around the mail box like Charlie Brown on Valentine's day,lol. I told her sometime the first two weeks of July typically. Anyone get theirs yet?
  11. TwoTikkas

    WTB Tikka fast twist 22/250

    Hey folks. Anyone have a fast twist Tikka 22/250 for sale?
  12. TwoTikkas

    The new Creedmoor.

    Picked up a 6.5 Creedmoor. Since my daughter bought one a year ago, it's been on my short list. Bought a Bergara Ridge. For the price it's a well executed solid rig. Oddly,I haven't felt the need to go for the trigger. Still set at its factory weight. The only thing that I would call a short...
  13. TwoTikkas

    Sitka alternative?

    First let me start by saying I think Sitka gear is one of the highest quality garments going. My Duffe bag reflects that. Recent events have prompted me to look at other options. After driving 60+ miles to pick up a Core Lightweight hoodie for my daughter. Having the store clerk tell me Sitka...
  14. TwoTikkas

    Colorado muley buck.

    OK. Back home in the recliner. Thinking about the pile of gear in the garage. Better take time to tell the tale. The plan of attack was to drive the BLM roads (yeah,roads), and glass the sage. The evening of the third day my brother in law caught a nice buck and a Doe sneaking along a bank. He...
  15. TwoTikkas

    Sitka solids?

    Does anyone know where I can order Sitka gear in solid colors?
  16. TwoTikkas

    Swaro SLC..

    Well,I drew a long awaited Colorado deer license this year. Up till now,I've used middle of the road binos. Not much need for high end glass here in the east,and my elk hunting hasn't proven to be much h different. I mentioned that I should get some better glass for this Muley hunt,and my...
  17. TwoTikkas

    110 TTSX and the 270 Win.

    So, is anyone here liking the 110 grain TTSX in the 270 Win? Deer or bigger game? Close shots? Long shots?
  18. TwoTikkas

    Parka for COLD sits.

    Hey gang. Looking at a couple cold weather coat/parka options. What's the consensus regarding the Lost Park,and the Aegis Extreme? I read a review here on the forum for the Kifaru parka. Good analysis. I'm not super concerned with how packable either one is. More concerned with how warm and...
  19. TwoTikkas

    Another player?

    The new Bugle had an advertisement in it for Eberlestock clothing. Any insider information?
  20. TwoTikkas

    Aegis Extreme ?

    Does the Ageis Extreme jacket have a membrane? It's advertised as waterproof. They wouldn't be promoting the DWR as waterproof would they?