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  1. Daniel Bybee

    New String for Hoyt Tiburon

    Looking to see what strings you guys are using and any to avoid. I have a 2016 Hoyt Tiburon at 55#. Had a string sitting around to put on and it is stretching like crazy. Need something that will be fairly quiet with good performance. Thanks! Daniel
  2. Daniel Bybee

    cottonwood, prescott, sedona area stuff

    Lots of cool trailheads in Sedona or close, sycamore creek, wet beaver creek, west clear creek and even oak creek. Bring a fly rod and have fun with trout and smallmouth in the pools of all the creeks. Some good breweries around as well. Any other questions shoot me a message. Daniel
  3. Daniel Bybee

    Finger Bow

    Anyone still shoot with fingers? I’m debating on giving shooting a compound with fingers a shot. How are you guys setting them up?
  4. Daniel Bybee

    WTB Want to buy muzzleloader

    Looking for a 50 cal muzzleloader, preferably under $300. Possibly Cva Optima or the like. Thank you in advance!
  5. Daniel Bybee

    Armed services/veterans/leo/first responders

    Local police in a nearby city, I enjoy it.
  6. Daniel Bybee

    WTS/WTT 2017 Pse Bowmadness package

    2017 Pse Bowmadness 32, custom 65# max, fully adjustable draw. Dipped in Max 1. Pse 4 pin slider sight, Pse phantom drop away, AAE hot rods front bar and side bar setup with extra discs. 11 Easton axis 340’s, 6 DCA 400s, 1 dozen arrow wraps, a few packs of blazer vanes, and an Arizona ez fletch...
  7. Daniel Bybee

    What 2-3 calibers would you pick?

    This all depends if I keep it levers or bolt action. Bolt action: 22lr for small game 22-250 for predators 308 win for all else. Lever action: 22 Henry for small game 30-30 for predators on up to elk 45-70 for everything else. All depends on your comfort levels and shot distance.
  8. Daniel Bybee

    Prana Zion Reviews

    Favorite pant of mine, I have the stretch Zion. I have worn them chasing coues deer and other critters here in the desert and I finally after two years put a tear in them(barb wire). Overall I wear them down to probably 50 with no base layers and they work great!
  9. Daniel Bybee

    Idaho whitetails

    Is there a ton of timber company lands?
  10. Daniel Bybee

    Broadhead for elk?

    I appreciate all of the info!!! I narrowed it down to the kudu or vpa at this point. How are the kudu points for sharpening?
  11. Daniel Bybee

    Idaho whitetails

    Thank you guys, I’ll give a call to fish and game as well. I appreciate it.
  12. Daniel Bybee

    Idaho whitetails

    Looking at doing a rifle hunt for whitetails, either for 2020 or 2021 depending on how the draws fall. Would like to do a diy type hunt, and would like a good representative of the species. I’m not afraid to put in a few miles on my boots to get a good opportunity. What should I be looking at...
  13. Daniel Bybee

    Broadhead for elk?

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had an elk tag and it is looking like a fairly good chance for an Arizona elk tag. I usually shoot Easton axis 340 with a 125 grain tip, but I also have some new dca arrows that I’m trying with brass inserts. I’m curious if anyone has experience between cutthroat...
  14. Daniel Bybee

    Arizona late season

    Update from northern Az, found this buck solo close to last light and was able to seal the deal. Being by myself unfortunately I have no in field photos but I’m happy.
  15. Daniel Bybee

    Arizona late season

    I’ll be out but I won’t get to travel this year. Finishing up the police academy this week and a baby due any day will keep me close in northern Az. Seems that the otc bug has truly taken off here but there is plenty of room. Good luck on your hunt!
  16. Daniel Bybee

    Elk kills with a .270?

    First hand experience from last year with my wife, she is fairly recoil shy so I set her up with a 270. She was shooting 130gr federal fusion rounds and had plenty of practice behind her rifle and knows it well. She shot a large cow last year at 404 yards. The first shot the cow just stood, she...
  17. Daniel Bybee

    getting in shape for arizona

    When it gets a bit closer to the hunt reach out, I have had the hunt. We saw elk nearly everyday and it can be fun!
  18. Daniel Bybee

    Deer Slam?

    The hunts down here in Az are a blast!!! I think the hardest logistically for me is gonna be the sitka blacktail. I have no problem on spot and stalk, it sounds stupid but my main worry wasn’t dealing with bears on the islands it was dealing with the tree stands for whitetails haha.
  19. Daniel Bybee

    Deer Slam?

    That’s how I view is- Coues deer, mule deer, eastern whitetail, Columbia black tail and Sitka black tail