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  1. huntinfool84

    WTB WTB Tikka compact stock

    Looking to purchase a tikka youth stock. My daughter drew a bull tag here in Idaho and need a shorter stock to put on my tikka. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. huntinfool84

    Ever seen a strutting hen?

    My daughter has a youth tag and we had 2 hens come in that stayed for a little over 30 minutes. One of them was full strut and beating the crap out of the decoy. They were 18 yards or less the entire 30 minutes and I just couldn't grow a beard on either one. But regardless it was very cool to...
  3. huntinfool84

    Daughter's first elk

    I didn't see an elk thread yet so I'll post my own. Here is my 11 yr olds first elk and second animal. To say I'm proud of her would be a huge understatement!
  4. huntinfool84

    Phelps calls

    I have 7 calls in a SMALL frame size. Models are 1- dragon slayer 2- tag notchers 2- signature bulls 2- herd wreckers I usually need a small frame but these are too small. $42 tyd pp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. huntinfool84

    In need of a turkey fan

    I'm going to try the heads up decoy but i do not have a fan. It is my second turkey hunt but first time with a bow. If any body has or can get a fan i would pay for shipping. Pm me if this is something you could do. Thanks!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. huntinfool84

    What weapon carrier do you use?

    I am trying to find a good way to pack my rifle on my EXO 3500 that is comfortable and easily accessible. I like the EXO carrier but i will be running a bipod so the way out attaches to the forestock will not work. I also like the kifaru carrier but am afraid the bipod will again be the issue...
  7. huntinfool84

    Do you use a Wind/Weather Meter?

    If so which one and what do you like/dislike about it? Im looking at getting a Kestrel 5500 but wondering if there is a better option for the money out there?
  8. huntinfool84

    New to this and need some help.

    I am wanting to upgrade my sleeping bag but not really sure where to start looking. My current bag is one of those huge brown bags with a fleece type liner and it weighs about 12#. From what i have read i think i want a quilt mainly because i feel like I'm going to suffocate in a mummy bag and i...
  9. huntinfool84

    Idaho 50-3?

    My dad and I drew the cow tags that start December 1st and have never hunted that unit that low. We usually hunt more north towards trail creek. Was just wondering if any one had some places to maybe start at, not looking at trying to get any honey holes just possibly somewhere to start. Any...
  10. huntinfool84

    Big shout out to Swarovski!!

    I just filled out the online repair for my binos. Mainly just for the cleaning but also had the front cap missing. Anyways i received a call from them asking if i had filled out the repair because the shipping address was different from the one i used last time and they were just making sure...
  11. huntinfool84

    32 vs 42

    so i have a set of swaro 10x42 el's that i have a chance to sell well above what i paid for them plus get the remainder of my antelope paid for in the deal. since the wife and i are trying to get a few things paid off I am thinking of selling them and buying some swaro 10x32's or 8x32's to save...
  12. huntinfool84

    Finally tried digiscoping!!

    well I know they are not the best but for my first try (been reading alot and asking some questions on here) I dont think they turned out too bad. we guessed her at around 8-900 yards the far pic is through my EL's with the swaro adapter and the other is with the setup bitteroot bulls has (it...
  13. huntinfool84

    I know this is a hunting site... BUT

    here is my new hunting partner!!! Tyson James Cowger 7 lbs 10 oz 22 inches Sorry but this dad is PROUD!!!
  14. huntinfool84


    looking to get a setup for my new ats swarovski spotting scope and was wondering what everyone is using. What do you use/recommend? Are there any to stay away from? I dont really want to spend the $400 swarovski wants so was looking at the Tines Up setup but dont need another camera. Give me...