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    Pack Suggestions

    Seek Outside frame. You can use one of their bags or attach about any bag you want to it. They have easily adjustable frame height. Since their frames are so easily adjustable I actually cut over an inch off the tops of the frame to make it even shorter when I use it for hunting then add the...
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    Moving from an Eberlestock to a seek outside pack??

    Seek Outside packs are excellent. I have used Kifaru, Mytery Ranch, Kuiu. I much prefer Seek. For my and my style of hunting I like the break-a-way set up. It is all personal preference.
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    Real Big Mans Pack

    SeekOutside Is one I would look at also
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    Buh Bye OnX .... Hello GAIA!

    It gives you a physical address of the property . legal name property is held under and number of acres
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    Buh Bye OnX .... Hello GAIA!

    Screens ot from Gaia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    iPhone vs Samsung for using Hunting GPS apps

    as far as iphone or android that is up to you. It is kind of like asking what pack to use. You will get lots of answers and none are wrong or right, it is a personal fit thing. I use iphone, they will both run the gps apps fine. As far as the apps go I played around with ONX, BaseCamp and GAIA ...
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    How many packs?

    one pack for everything. Seek Outside frame with Kuiu ultra 1800. I add drybag for multi day hunts. I use this set up for everthing from elk hunting to spot and stalk for deer/antelope or in treestand or blind.
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    Best pack strategy for $300, new western hunter?

    Yes the Seek Outside also has a built in load shelf and compression straps. The Kuiu ultra 1800 mated up to the frame perfectly with straps. With the load shelf and 1800 the dry bag secures very nicely to the frame.
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    Best pack strategy for $300, new western hunter?

    I would look around for a used High end pack (Seek Outside in my opinion). Seriously consider the high end pack and some sort of bag attached. I the SO frame with a kuiu ultra 1800 bag for daily hunting, When packing in I use a dry bag between the kuiu bag and frame. I would avoid mystery ranch...
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    A new pack

    I have never use SG but have compared SeekOutside to Kifaru. For me SeekOutside is more comfortable. I really like the ability to change frame height based on pack weight. The belt fits me better. It is very durable and has been on many week long elk hunts plus a lot of day hunts for deer. I...
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    Replaceable blade knife options

    I use outdoor edge. holds an edge really well. Is very sharp out of package and very easy to sharpen. I like the durability and feel much better than havalon.
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    Best Elk Hunting Backpack

    There is no "best elk hunting pack". There is what works best for each individual elk hunting pack. I have use 2 of the frames, kifaru and mystery ranch, you listed and wouldn't trade the one I have now, SeekOutside, for either of those. For me there is no comparison. You have to find what works...
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    Jumping ship from OnX to Gaia

    I tested both and Gaia seemed way better than Onx to me so I went with Gaia. I never paid for Onx so I didn't have waypoints in it, but there has to be some way to export them. With any other gps or phone gps it is pretty simple so that shouldn't be a reason to make you keep using it. If Onx...
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    What are my best options for an Elk Daypack/Meathauler?

    I have used several different brands for this same type thing. kuiu, kifaru, mystery ranch and Seek outside. The one I still have and use is Seek Outside with a Kuiu bag. Kuiu frame/suspension didn't handle heavy weight or fit well for me. I didn't like kifaru or mystery ranch pack bags. Kifaru...
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    September Colorado Elk Budget Sleeping bag

    I wouldn't use anything higher than 0* rating. I have been on a few trips that the weather called for chance of storms. Woke up with 6" of snow on the ground and the next morning is down close to 0*.
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    WTS Outdoor Vitals Mummypod

    if deal falls through let me know
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    Elk hunting pack.

    I really like my seek outside frame. I have used cheaper packs, Mystery Ranch, kuiu, Kifaru, and Seekoutside. The Seekoutside fit me better. It Is very durable and handles heavy loads very well for me.
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    Elk hunting pack.

    I also tried the full curl system and the frame just didn't fit me right. I went to kifaru and liked it better. I have since gone to SeekOutside and it is even a better fit and feel for me than kifaru.
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    Coffee !!!!!

    I use the folgers coffee bags