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    Horse Hunting Alaska

    Small square bales? And $11 to $15? If so that is not bad. People pay that in Arizona and parts of Nevada.
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    Horse Hunting Alaska

    How much does a ton of hay cost up there? Just curious.
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    Kids bow

    I have no idea if this has been discussed a bunch or not. I have 2 girls age 10 and 13 and a boy that is 7. I would like to get something for the girls but I have no idea what they would need. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Mule deer rut tactics for archery

    The best thing to do would be to get close to a deer and shoot it. I have hunted late Nov and early Dec archery and I usually have 40 mph winds or crunchy snow that the deer can hear me walking on a mile away. I have never had any luck with it. Good luck.
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    Sawbuck or decker pack saddle

    What do you use and why? Looking to pack camp supplies, hunting and occasional fencing materials on the ranch.
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    pac boots and narrow feet - Hoffman, Kenetrek, etc...

    Whites and yes they were true to size. I wear them a dozen or so times a year and after 6 or 7 years they are still like new.
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    Eddie Bauer Fleece Lined at Costco

    I wear similar pants for hiking etc... I would love to try them for everyday use but as an electrician I worry that I will wear then out quickly. Anyone use and abuse these pants?
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    Kodiak flex bow 10x14 vs Davis wall tent 10x12.

    I have the 10x14 and vestibule and it is great. I also have a 16x20 wall tent also is great. I don't use the wall tent unless there are 4 or 5 of us for a week or more.
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    Idaho Fire Restrictions?

    Glad you had success and hopefully made some good memories.
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    Best mule deer tags???

    The best mule deer tag is the one in your pocket.
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    Backcountry Rant: What Not To Do!

    We never know what someone else is thinking. Maybe they camped in your meadow that always has animals in it. Maybe you are glassing on their ridge that they always get animals on and you scared them away by being there and just ruined their hunt. If it is public land you have to just deal with...
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    Idaho- livestock proposal

    Someone is a little sensitive.
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    FNG SW Idaho

    Good luck from twin falls
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    Diesel or Gas

    It is funny hat everyone says you need a diesel for towing and for mountains. Until about the mid 80's the most common truck pulling a trailer full of horses in the mountains was a 2wd chevy with a 350 engine. My buddy hauled horses all over the west when he was outfitting and packing for the...
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    Diesel or Gas

    I have a f350 v10 and I Iove it. My diesel cost a ton more for maintenance and the v10 pulls my gooseneck horse trailer just as good as the diesel, although not as quick off the start but overall just as fast.
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    Horse bit?

    I have had a couple of horses and am fairly competent at riding. She is 8 and was used to ranch and work a feedlot. I think the problem I have is she is trained better that I know how to use her. Example is leg cues, seat position etc... I probably need a real horse person to give me some pointers.
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    Wall Tent Questions...

    I have a 16x20 Montana canvas and put screen doors on both ends with no windows. In the summer you can open both ends and get a good breeze thru it.
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    Horse bit?

    When I got her the guy was using a correctional curb bit. I'm not even sure what that is supposed to do other than correct issues you would be having.
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    Horse bit?

    I have always used a snaffle and it has worked ok. Just so many options I didn't know if something else would be better.
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    Horse bit?

    I know there are a million different reason why and why not. I dont have enough knowledge of the subject to know what is right or wrong. What bit should you use and why? I'm not talking rodeo events just trail riding. Thanks