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    Lost rifle

    Thought it was worth the share
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    Out of 4 states to live.....

    Im not moving but after reading this thread it makes me sad in a way, its pretty much undeniable thT hunting as we know it will be completely destroyed over the next 50 years
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    Wyoming unit 48

    Cool thanks guys
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    Wyoming unit 48

    Anyone have experience in this unit? Ive only ever hunted antelope once and have built up some points. Im hoping to draw this unit this year. Wondering if i need to be looking at outfitters and trespass fees or if i should have a decent chance at finding decent goats on blm land Thanks John
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    Wyoming fires

    Searched for an active thread on the area closures south of jackson but didnt find anything. If you are heading to western wyoming for elk like i am you may want to check into it. I had a plan, a backup plan and a backup to my backup plan and they have all gone out the window. Anyone who has...
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    sitka pant repair ?

    I have a brand new pair of timberlines that just saw there first hunt. I am real happy with them but tore a 3-4inch gash in the butt sliding down some rocks. I was wondering if i can semd them in to the company to have them repaired or should i have a local company attempt it? Thanks John
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    hope you guys enjoy this took this from another site, thought i would share it here...some amazing photos mixed in
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    hoback in the wyoming range

    if any of you guys can share some info on the different trails and parking areas to access this area could really use some help. i like the looks of the west side of clause peak. everything from willow creek to cliff creek on the west side of the divide looks great but i am having a hard time...
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    garmin montana GPS

    curious what map/cards are the best. please share any thoughts on what will work best for western wyoming thanks john
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    camping high

    i have read through the thread about lightning and was wondering what is more popular with you guys. do you prefer to camp high and drop elevation if a storm arises or is it a safer bet to camp lower and hike up to your glassing location? i am thinking the latter would be the better choice in...
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    Rokslide newbie

    hi everybody, my name is john laubach, last name pronouced law-back hence my screen name. i have been checking out the site for a while now and have to say it is one of the nicest i have been on! everyone seems friendly, straight-up and generous about helping others and sharing knowledge. its...